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Fans fall in love with Lauren London’s talk of ego-free relationships (video)

Angie Martinez said she was blown away by the powerful testimony and advise that Lauren London dispensed during the interview
Fans fall in love with Lauren London's talk of ego-free relationships (video)
Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Syndicated radio show host Angie Martinez said Lauren London’s momentous interview will “stay with me forever.” Fans have likewise fallen in love with how the widow and Hollywood star broke down the very essence of relationships during her interview on the podcast “Angie Martinez in Real Life.”

“Growing up I didn’t have such an attachment to earth,” London said, adding that she regularly told Hussle that she expected to die before him. “But then I had my first son and I was like, ‘OK, I’ll stick around a little longer.'”

London, who starred in the cult classic ATL opposite T.I. as well as “The Game” and “Games People Play,” said that there were some understandably very dark times in the aftermath of life-partner Nipsey Hussle’s passing in 2019. She couldn’t even summon up the energy to take a shower at times during her deep depression. But then she was able to come up with an understanding of life and relationships that altered her personal paradigm.

“We had pure love, but that does not mean that our egos did not get attached in aspects of our relationship. But we definitely had pure love, always good intentions” the Without Remorse star said resolutely.

“I didn’t think about it until I wasn’t in a relationship anymore because of the death. A lot of times we are [so] in our ego that we are in possession of another person. We’re not experiencing them, we’re not totally loving them and letting them be free. We think we’re supposed to be together forever, and that’s not a spiritual relationship. A spiritual relationship is without the ego,” London added. “We are together, I bring you up and inspire you, and you inspire me. If there ever comes a point where I am not inspired anymore and now I’m in my ego, and now I feel I need to possess you. Now I feel the need to control you, and you’re mine then I’m in my ego. And that’s not love. There’s love in there, but now I’m operating in my ego and not in my pure love.”

Martinez, who hosted London, was blown back by many of the gems that London dropped on her.

Check out part I of the interview with London below:

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