Keke Palmer’s baby news sparks Twitter debate about revealing paternity

‘Nope’ actor’s recent baby news sparks Twitter conversation
Keke Palmer's baby news sparks Twitter debate about revealing paternity
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In the wake of Keke Palmer‘s pregnancy announcement on “Saturday Night Live,” many questioned who the father might be. The questions about the baby’s father led to a Twitter debate about whether expectant mothers should share details their child’s father.

Palmer has posted images of her boyfriend on multiple occasions on social media, but inquiring minds discovered her boyfriend’s name is Darius JacksonRolling out asked new and expectant mothers between the ages of 25 and 35 if the father’s identity should be publicly shared along with a pregnancy announcement.

Give us privacy

Leeza Story, 28

“I completely understand when people don’t disclose that information. Many don’t let others know simply because they don’t want any unsolicited advice or comments. They want to protect their peace.”

It’s our choice

Brie Dalyrimple, 28

“It is 100% a mother’s choice whether or not she shares her pregnancy or the details of her pregnancy. Celebrity or regular Jane Doe, there’s already a lot that comes with bringing a baby into this world. As moms, we want and deserve peace during that time.”

That’s a mutual decision

Mikayla Francis, 28

“I think the public sharing the father[‘s identity ]should be a decision made between the expectant mother and father. People have a right to choose what information they want to share publicly. I think we live in an era where folks forget that celebrities are regular people too, whose privacy deserves to be respected.”

Times have changed

Topanga Vontee, 33

“Women are conceiving children in various ways. To assume that the average woman is having a pregnancy with someone she’s dating or married to is wrong. Times have changed. Society has changed. Women have access to different options.”

Let us set our boundaries

Jessica Gregoire, 28

“Women should not be obligated to share the news of who they are having a baby with until they want to. It may not be easy but as women we are more than capable of asserting conversational boundaries. Remember, this is an imperative time to protect your feelings, peace, and the peace for your baby.”

Allow us to navigate this new journey

KeAndra Goodman, 28

“No they shouldn’t, especially if the child isn’t in the ‘ideal situation’ society places on pregnant women. Having a child is a journey and sometimes a journey is better when you go through it alone. It eliminates outside pressure and opinions from people who wouldn’t understand. When women become pregnant, most people are excited but they are very invasive. I believe that as long as the baby is loved and in a good situation, the exposure of the father is no one’s concern but the mother and that child.”

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