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Dawn Patterson joyful about the Socialite Detroit Fabulous Holiday Experience

Dawn Patterson is 1 of the hosts of the annual Fabulous Holiday Experience
Dawn Patterson joyful about the Socialite Detroit Fabulous Holiday Experience
Photo courtesy of Davide Anderson

Socialite Detroit will host their annual Fabulous Holiday Experience on Dec. 10, 2022. This year, they will be benefiting Oakland Forward, a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening and empowering communities of color.

Dawn Patterson will be one of the hosts for the event and spoke with rolling out about the experience and her day-to-day roles.

Tell us about Socialite Detroit.

Rodney [Howell] and I founded Socialite Detroit back in 2017. We were going around doing interviews, and we were actually bringing these videographers into parties that we were invited to. We weren’t hosting our own event at that time, but because of the cameras, certain people didn’t want cameras in their parties. It was like an exclusive event. Certain situations we couldn’t bring cameras into as far as interviews we couldn’t get, so we decided to start our own party and do our own events. Rodney and I both have a background in events. He does tons of events and I’ve done over 400 political, corporate and social events, so we both just decided to come together and start Socialite Detroit. It was going in a direction of we’re going to have our own show, we were bringing viewers into the lives of just this elite crowd, and it turned into so much more. It’s a great event that people look forward to.

What is the typical day-to-day look like for you?

I am a serial entrepreneur. I have my hands in a lot of things. I’m an author. I’m very thought-provoking, and I am the owner and founder of I Am My City, which is a spirit wear clothing brand, and it’s growing beyond clothing. It’s moving in the direction of more sustainability [and] recycled material, but it is a brand that is speaking to the future of the planet.

What is the Socialite Detroit Holiday Experience?

Everyone looks forward to attending. We literally always sell out. As far as who we invite, we try to keep it [to] about 200 people, but we always pack the place out. It’s an amazing experience from the culinary experience to the drinks, and the sponsors that we have involved. … It’s going [to] be just a very great time.

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