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Why Megan Thee Stallion wishes Tory Lanez would’ve taken her life

Megan Thee Stallion testified about the 2020 shooting
Why Megan Thee Stallion wishes Tory Lanez would’ve taken her life
Megan Thee Stallion (Photo credit: Bang Media)

On Dec. 13, Megan Thee Stallion took the stand on the second day of Tory Lanez’s assault trial.

Megan testified that Lanez ordered her to “dance, b—-” before he shot her in both feet in July 2020. She became emotional while on the stand.

“I wish he would’ve just shot and killed me if I knew I was going to have to go through this torture,” Megan testified.

Megan also expressed that the discussion around the case has been about her and Lanez’s relationship, rather than her injuries.

“This whole story has not been about the shooting,” Megan testified. “It’s only been about who I been having sex with. When people talk about Megan Thee Stallion getting shot, all the headlines are ‘Megan Thee Stallion is on trial and I’m not on trial.'”

The rapper testified that she felt “shock” and “hurt” and saw blood on her feet after Lanez allegedly shot her following a party at Kylie Jenner’s home. After she was shot, Megan said that Lanez offered her $1 million to stay quiet, and he made the offer because he was on probation. Megan did not initially report the shooting, becuase she said she didn’t feel comfortable talking to the LAPD due to the prevalence of police brutality.

“At the time, we are at a height of police brutality,” Megan testified. “I felt like if I said ‘This man has just shot me,’ they might shoot first and ask questions later.”

Megan also said that reporting Lanez ruined her career.

“This whole situation in the industry is like a big boys club,” Megan testified. “Like I’m telling on one of y’all friends, now you’re all about to hate me.”

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