Cindy Trimm offers 3 tips to improve prayer life in 2023

The speaker and author returns with a long-running end-of-year conference.
Cindy Trimm offers 3 tips to improve prayer life in 2023
Cindy Trimm (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

Cindy Trimm is all about helping people protect their peace. The author and speaker is hosting her annual End Your Year Strong Conference in Atlanta as a time of reflection and reset.

Minutes before the conference began, Trimm spoke to rolling out about mental well-being tips readers could use going into 2023.

Where did this idea for the conference come from?

We’ve been hosting End Your Year Strong for a number of years. As I prophetically looked into the future, I saw the emergence of the next generations of movers, shakers, history makers, dreamers and innovators emerging. A couple of years ago, I started a series called Pivot. Then, the next one was about being empowered.

Going into 2023, what are three prayer tips you can give believers?

One, pray every single day to make prayer a priority. Two, believe your prayers will be answered because God said, “Ask and it shall be given [to you], Seek and ye shall find, knock, and [it will] be open[ed] to you.”

You got to ask the right people the right questions, to get the right answer. You got to be able to seek the right thing and seek the wisdom you need.

Then lastly, you got to be able to knock on the right doors. Sometimes we’re knocking on doors that God has closed, but if you knock on doors and they don’t open, sometimes, the solution is not to give up. The solution is to stop using your hands and start kicking some doors in with your feet.

What are three habits people can instill in their daily routines to maintain their peace of mind?

Mindset mastery, a big thing.

I tell people that everybody they should take “me moments” where they should check in with themselves. Check in with God, it’s a sacred place where you can get rid of distractions because I think one of the greatest currencies that we have is the currency of attention. And the enemy of attention is distraction. When you take your “me moments,” you’re able to shut the door, shut your ears to other voices, and reconnect with your voice and reconnect with the voice of God. That’s number one.

Number two, when you do take your moments, make certain you’re using declaration and affirmation, prayers and meditation. So you’re not just there with a blank mind doing nothing. You’re actively engaging in your own destiny. The biggest question is where does your future come from? It comes from within you. So you can craft your future by, thirdly, writing your vision.

Once you write your vision, you’re able to leave that quiet place with some goals. We call them bucket lists, but a bucket list is the same thing as a goal. And a goal is an envisioned place you see yourself economically, financially, relationally, etc., in the future with a specific timeline established to accomplish it. So those are the things that I would recommend.

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