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Reginae Carter gets a promise ring; Black millennials sound off about it

6 millennials share their opinions on the romantic gesture
Reginae Carter gets a promise ring; Black millennials sound off about it
Reginae Carter (Photo credit: Jonell Whitt for rolling out)

Over the Christmas holiday, Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae Carter, 24, took over her man’s vlog to share her feelings of being given a promise ring by 25-year-old R&B singer and YouTuber Ar’mon. He is also one-half of the R&B group Ar’mon & Trey.

She appeared to be very smitten with him and even referred to him as her husband just after celebrating their six-month anniversary. Of course, some people had opinions on the matter but Carter didn’t hesitate to respond on Twitter.

“Y’all old a–es mad at my promise ring but been in 10 year relationships with a bunch of broken promises. Get you somebody to take care of you time not waste it, aunties,” Carter tweeted.

Tiffany Evans’ song “Promise Ring,” released in 2008, was a popular hit among the younger crowd and if you didn’t receive one from your significant other, the relationship might have been questioned. Of course, some young adults are team engagement ring. On the other hand, some view promise rings as a way to make a commitment until the couple is ready to go toward the next step of engagement and marriage.

Six Black millennials shared where they stand on the romantic gesture.

Depends on your age

“I think it honestly depends on your age and what a promise ring means to you and your significant other. Every relationship is different but for me I see a promise ring as an early stage or early adolescent sort of milestone. Not for people who have been on the dating scene for some time.” Ashia, 32

There’s other jewelry

“I think something that could signify the same meaning as the promise ring would be a nice necklace or other piece of jewelry to show that commitment and seriousness. Then, the next ring should be the engagement.” Malcolm, 23

It should have an age limit

“I think a promise ring should have an age limit. I’m not trying to be 30 having a man giving me a promise ring. We should already know exactly why we’re here. We’re dating for marriage purposes only, not to one day start back playing in these streets.” Gotti, 32

It’s a precursor to an engagement ring

“I admit, a promise ring is a precursor to an engagement ring so it’s something like the same vows but honestly a promise ring is for someone 20 [years old] and under, it’s kind of childish in some way. Just get to the point.” Que, 34

Marriage is in the future, but still building

“I received a promise ring from my boyfriend about three years ago. We upgraded it like two years ago but I know marriage is not in the near future for us at this time. We are both still building our lives and trying to navigate what that looks like doing it together.” Austyn, 27

At the adult stage a promise ring is childish

“A promise ring in the adult stage is very childish. Either we are an item and we’re getting married with an engagement ring or we’re just talking.” Ron, 29

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