5 different ways to apply false eyelashes

Find out which application method works best for you
5 different ways to apply false eyelashes
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Applying false eyelashes has been a beloved cosmetic ritual for many women since the early 20th century. In 1916, Canadian film director and inventor Thomas William Hammond is credited with the invention of false eyelashes, designed to emphasize the eye area in movies.

But there are several different types of lash applications available today. For those looking for an instant lash look, strip eyelashes are a great option. Stick-on lash strips can be applied quickly with lash glue or adhesive along the lash line.

“Lashes have evolved from the stiff, plastic strips to more flexible types that don’t feel like foreign objects attached to your eyes,” says Holly Carter, a longtime beauty editor based in New York.

Carter believes another reason for the popularity of false eyelashes is due to, “tutorials that made it easier to apply the strips.”

Those looking for a longer-term lash look can opt for lash extensions. An aesthetician places individual synthetic or mink lashes onto each natural lash one by one, leaving you with fuller, bigger lashes that last weeks without needing any additional maintenance on your part. False lash application is an art form that has come a long way since its invention in 1916.

If you enjoy wearing eyelash strips compared to booking an appointment for eyelash extensions, here are five ways you can apply your false eyelashes to get the look you desire.

Apply glue like eyeliner, use tweezers to apply, and then pinch together

This may be the safest way for newbies to apply false eyelashes. It’s also known as one of the easiest application methods.

Use fingers to apply, then mascara to blend

Some lash lovers prefer to use their fingers to place their eyelashes where they desire. Mascara helps to blend false lashes with your natural eyelashes, but this application method can damage false eyelashes over time.

Apply glue to the eyelash strip, place them on your eyelash line, and go

This application method is for the pros. Some have been applying lashes for so long, it may not take any effort at all.

Place on the bottom lash, then blink

This is one of the latest beauty hacks for lash lovers. Some are shocked that it works so well.

Apply false eyelashes under your natural lashes

This is usually for lash lovers who want to protect their natural lashes. It will also appear to look more like eyelash extensions.

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