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Busta Rhymes throws drink on woman who touched him inappropriately (video)

The woman tried to explain why she thought it was okay to touch the husky rapper
Busta Rhymes throws drink on woman who touched him inappropriately (video)
Busta Rhymes at Hyde Park Summer Fest (Photo Credit: Eddy “Precise” Lamarre)

The woman who reached up and smacked Busta Rhymes on his butt was obviously not aware of his 1997 hit song “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See Them.”

And because of the woman’s imprudent act, she ended up wearing Busta Rhymes’ drink after he threw it in her face.

Video footage of the “I Know What You Want” rapper took off on the internet after a spectator posted a video of him splashing a drink on the woman. Rhymes was walking with security in an unknown location when a woman came up and slapped his butt gently. 

Rhymes, known for his explosive temper when he’s offended, glared at the woman for a long second after he threw his drink in her face.

Later on, the woman penned a statement to The Shade Room, trying to explain her actions of putting her hand on the famously temperamental rapper.

The woman, Nikita Mathis, the owner of Platinum Plus Fashions Boutique, tried to rationalize why she thought it was okay to reach out and touch the rapper at all, much less on his posterior.

Mathis explained that Busta gave a very encouraging speech to entrepreneurs at the Las Vegas Magic Apparel Trade Show on Monday, Feb. 13 and she was anxious to meet him and get a selfie with him.

“I didn’t mean to touch his behind honestly. I was just happy to meet him and wanted a pic … been a longtime fan … I admit I shouldn’t have touched [sic] him at all but he’s Busta. I felt like I could possibly get a pic.”

No one who viewed that viral video buys Mathis’ excuse whatsoever. In fact, some opined that if that had been a man who reached out and smacked a woman’s backside, he could be beaten down by security and then arrested on sexual assault charges.

One person called Mathis a liar. “That was no mistake. She touched him without permission. Just like women [say] to men, ‘Don’t touch me unless I give you permission too.” Her being a business owner she should know that is an act of sexual harassment and he could sue her for unwanted and unconsensual contact.”

A second person remarked in the comments section, saying, “Ma’am I know sexual harassment when I see it.”

A third respondent added that “People need to realize they can’t be just disrespectful towards celebrities just because they are who they are. That’s annoying.”

A fourth Instagram user said “Instead of tapping him on the shoulder or calling his name to get his attention, you decided grabbing his butt was the best solution? Please do better.” A fifth person added: “If a man had did that to a Black woman, all black women would be calling for rape charges.”

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