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Nia Long recalls dating a 30-year-old while she was in high school (video)

Long further surprised fans when she admitted her mother blessed the relationship
Nia Long recalls dating a 30-year-old while she was in high school (video)
Photo source: Instagram – (@iamnialong)

Actress Nia Long jolted many of her fans when she admitted that while in high school she dated a 30-year-old man. Even more shocking is the fact that Long’s mother approved of the relationship.

Long, who soared to fame in the 1990s via the John Singleton and Ice Cube classics Boyz ‘N the Hood and Friday, respectively, was once so popular in urban America that hip-hop stars rapped about her several times in their songs during that fruitful decade.

Apparently, Long’s striking features and alluring aura were also enough to gain the favor of a man at least 13 years her senior back in the late 1980s. And, according to Long, the much older man was bold enough to go to her mother to request permission to date Long.

Long made the confession during a sit down with the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, according to 

“Like, my boyfriend was 30 when I was in high school! I know, my mother was crazy. I mean that in a good way, like she was an artist,” Long told the laughing audience. “She was like, ‘Well if that’s who you love, baby!’ And he was so good to me and kind,” Long added. 

Noticing how one woman in the audience seemed distressed by Long’s revelation, the actress who also starred in the 1990s classics Love Jones and The Best Man said this:

“Look at you, you’re like ‘That ain’t happening with my baby,’” she teased the woman. “But you know what he taught me? He owned a hair salon. He taught me how to do my own hair and makeup,” she added, leaving listeners howling in laughter over the wildness of the romance. 

Age really is nothing but a number to Long, 52, who was in a serious relationship with former Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka who is seven years younger than she is.

Long went on to discuss her latest movie, You People, starring Eddie Murphy and Lauren London which was released to great fanfare on Netflix.

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