Cardi B weighs in on cancel culture and viral TikTok star Big Groove

The rapper does not agree with Black Twitter wanting to cancel TikTokers
Cardi B weighs in on cancel culture and viral TikTok star Big Groove
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Social media users are coming together to express their opinions on the TikTok viral dancing sensation Big Groove, previously known as the Groovin Gorilla. It was recently shared that Black Twitter started a petition to cancel Groovin Gorilla’s account and another viral star, Elijah Smith, who viewers have renamed Chicken Boy.

The petition drew more than 8,000 supporters, according to The description says the internet is tired of Big Groove’s antics. The petition called for an “immediate ban of his content until he is able to act in a way that is positive for the masses he is capable of influencing.” In a recent Instagram Live, rapper Cardi B weighed in on the movement, calling people “crabs in a barrel” for wanting to take money out of the influencers’ pockets.

“You know those two guys who go to restaurants and act a complete fool? I’ve seen petitions and I feel I will get dragged because of my opinion. They are not doing anything wrong other than being cheesy and corny. I would rather them get rich. What do you all want them to look like? You all want them to be hood n—–? I don’t like when people do things to take money out of other people’s pockets.”

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The rapper compared the two Tiktok stars to Jake Paul, who started his career on social media. According to the Celebrity Net Worth platform, his net worth is about $30 million.

In viral videos, Big Groove posts a series where he’s eating and then breaks out his dramatic dance moves. Black Twitter is upset because they believe that the imagery he pushes is detrimental to Black people, and plays into negative stereotypes. “This could be a problem for the easily influenced youth and create chaos amongst the community. Enough is Enough,” one commenter wrote.

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