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Kimberly Allen encourages aspiring writers to find new ways to stay creative

The screenwriter tells the story of a female rap duo

Kimberly Allen has passionately pursued screenwriting after obtaining her bachelor’s in journalism from Wayne State University. She serves as the staff writer on “Kold x Windy,” a new drama series launched in January 2023 on WE tv that streams on ALLBLK. Allen’s experience in the indie film world includes being a writer, producer and director.

What should peoplel know if they are interested in pursuing a career in screenwriting?
You want to educate yourself. Suppose you need to read scripts, I recommend reading books and taking classes. Get a knack for how your writing is because every type of writing is a different type of muscle you use. If you’re a novelist, you use a specific kind of muscle [than] when you screen write. You can get involved with writers’ groups. [There’s] nothing like connecting with other writers; [working with other] writers is valuable because you want feedback.

Describe the relationship between the two main characters.
The story takes place in Chicago. The two best friends are very close and were raised together like sisters. They are on this journey to be in this hip-hop music industry, and it’s so specific to Chicago drill music and culture. Kold and Windy have been rapping for years, but they have slightly different views. You always have one person who wants one thing and another who wants something else, which makes it interesting. Kold is a single mom. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but she lost her son to the foster care system, so she is on a journey trying to get her son back. Then you have Wendy, who seems slightly rawer and can be reckless. She likes the street life and wants to live up to everything they rap about.

How did you feel when you saw your work on the screen for the first time?
It was one of the best experiences. I got a chance to be on set to shoot my episode. Just hearing the lines, sitting with the director, and hearing how she interpreted [it] was priceless. When you’re working on TV, it’s collaborative, and your imagination is an extension of your environment. So it’s taking something straightforward and allowing it to grow and develop.

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