Teaira Blount shares experience styling Kierra Sheard, Mary Mary, and more

The celebrity fashion stylist is set to launch her own clothing line called ‘The TB Collection’ in June

Teaira Blount is a celebrity fashion stylist who’s worked with gospel legends such as Mary Mary, Kierra Sheard, and Miranda Curtis. Pursuing fashion at a young age, her styling preference can be defined as bold and unique.

Blount spoke to rolling out about her upcoming fashion line and how TikTok and other social media platforms are great marketing tools.

What is your sets you and your brand apart when it comes to fashion styling?

My signature is balancing high-lows because I love shopping anywhere. Lately, I’ve been doing videos on TikTok about Rainbow, [discount] stores, and just knowing how to identify great pieces no matter where they are, and how much they cost. So, that’s the first thing, and then color blocking and textures are my favorite. So, everybody always talks about like, “Oh, she has like a pop of color shoe, Teaira probably did that,” or something like that. I’m always mixing colors that are probably not standard or what people would do.

Which celebrity have you most enjoyed working with? 

Most recently styling Miranda Curtis for the Grammys was huge for me because she got featured in Vogue. That is like a stylist’s Mount Rushmore dream. It does not matter who you are, you want to be featured in Vogue. So, that was huge for me. I was so ecstatic the day after the Grammys, waking up, and seeing all of the blogs that covered her. She was on like E! News, it was just insane. [When] a look stays in your mind for so long and you’re working on it for so long, then when it comes out and you see that people actually get it too. It’s not about if they get it, but when they do get it; chef’s kiss.

How has social media helped take your styling brand to the next level?

Social media is a huge part of my brand because that’s how I’m able to showcase my profile and my portfolio. But mainly on TikTok, I’ve started to just show the behind-the-scenes of what happens when we’re putting these looks together. So, I didn’t realize that people were so interested in where the clothes actually come from and what these looks mean to me. So, I’ve been sharing that part of the process and I’ve been loving it. I feel like people really appreciate it. So, I try to use social media to my advantage when it comes to that. Then, of course, finding new designers and people to work with. I’m always gaining new resources because every time I post a video, there’s someone who says, “I would love to send you some shoes for your client or whatever,” and I’m like, “yes.” So, it’s just always great connecting with new people.

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