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Jason Whitlock calls for secession from the Union due to trans people (video)

The far-right reporter is trying to incite retaliatory violence against Donald Trump’s foes
cropped Jason Whitlock
Sports reporter Jason Whitlock (Image source: Instagram – @jasonwhitlock)

Conservative sports reporter Jason Whitlock audaciously suggested that MAGA supporters and other radical right folks should secede from the Union because of trans people as well as the indictment against Donald Trump.

The MAGA-supporting Whitlock spat the inflammatory rhetoric during his one of his frequent visits to Fox News with host Tucker Carlson. He claims that the country is incorrigible due to transgender people.

“They don’t believe in fair justice, equal treatment under the law, they do not believe in that, so you can’t have a partnership with them … God’s instruction [is that] you’ve got to come out from among them and separate,” Whitlock ranted. 

“These guys are so far removed from the truth, so far removed from the values that made this country great, we can’t really have [a] partnership with them,” he continued. “And my mind went to seccession, we have to separate, we have to come out from among them. They’re so unrighteous, they’re so unclean.”

According to Rolling Stone, Whitlock engaged in demagoguery against the LBGTQ+ community and tried to incite “retaliatory violence” against Trump’s enemies.

Furthermore, Whitlock conveyed that he despises what the LBGTQ community has done to the country and accused them of “mutilating” children.

“Finding common ground is impossible with people who think men can become women,” he continued on his emotional tirade. 

“We have to think about going our separate ways, whether that’s through seccession or whether that’s through some sort of national divorce,” said Whitlock. He regurgitated some of the same talking points from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., who said it’s time for a “national divorce,” according to NBC News. 

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