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These birth control options have positive impact on women’s health

Several innovative birth control options are available to fit your needs
These birth control options have positive impact on women's health
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Birth control not only prevents pregnancy, it can help regulate menstrual cycles. There are many options when choosing birth control, from an intravaginal gel called Phexxi to a surgically implanted birth control option.

Dr. Samantha Asho encourages women who are planning their futures to weigh their birth control options, as there are so many to choose from, and several more have become available in recent years.

“Having unprotected sex comes with a responsibility, so taking measures beforehand to prevent pregnancy or disease makes birth control so important, and minimizes unplanned pregnancies,” Dr.Asho shared with rolling out. “Pre-planning for pregnancy … and visiting your OBGYN is vital for women.”

It’s best to consult with your health care provider about which birth control option is best for you. Below are several birth control options that are popular today.

  1. Long-acting reversible contraceptives: LARCs are highly effective, long-lasting birth control options that can be implanted or inserted into the body. Known as intrauterine devices (IUDs) and implants, this option can prevent pregnancy for several years. They are popular for people who want to avoid daily pill-taking or other more short-term contraceptive methods.
  2. Natural Cycles app: The Natural Cycles app, like Flow, is an app that uses a woman’s menstrual cycle data to predict when she is fertile and when she is not. Users input their data daily into the app and receive notifications about their fertility status, and can use the information to prevent or plan future pregnancies.
  3. Hormonal contraceptive patch: The hormonal contraceptive patch is a thin, flexible patch worn on the skin and releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. It can be worn for a week on the shoulder, arm, or back area, making it a convenient option for people who have trouble remembering to take a pill daily.
  4. Monthly injection: A monthly contraceptive injection, some know as Depo-Provera, is a birth control option that suppresses ovulation and thins the mucus lining. It can be given monthly or every three months, depending on your chosen brand. 

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