Ice Cube has a plan for whoever uses his voice to create an AI song

The rapper is not a fan of artificial intelligence
Ice Cube has a plan for whoever uses his voice to create an AI song
Ice Cube (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Artificial intelligence is a big topic in the  music world, and many artists are not fans of the technology creating songs to use their voices.

During an interview with the “Full Send” podcast, Ice Cube was the latest rapper to share his thoughts on the use of artificial intelligence, and he has a plan for anybody who uses his voice to create a song.

“I don’t want to hear an AI Drake song,” Cube said. “I don’t want to hear that bulls—. He should sue whoever made it.”

Cube then talked about what he would do if someone decided to use his voice.

“Imma sue the motherf—– who made it and the people and the platform who play it,” Cube said. “It’s like a sample. Somebody can’t take your original voice and manipulate it without having to pay. I think AI is demonic [and] I think AI is going to get a backlash from organic people.”

Cube isn’t the only person in the music industry who has spoken out about AI music. Young Guru recently called out Timbaland for having an interest in using the technology and called him corny for using it.

“Timbaland, I love you my brother. You know I do. But this ain’t it,” Guru said on Instagram. “This is dangerous at a basic level and it’s corny. I will be on the side of the Luddites.”

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I agree with Ice Cube. Use your own voice and creativity. If you’re about your music and craft why use someone else’s voice. That’s lame.

Very lame just like how they did pac and big made 50cents song “many men” don’t have to get permission to use the dead I guess. Being in used in death wow just like in life

This AI stuff is going way too far!

Is ice cube saying he doesn’t like samples either?

No he’s saying you need permission to use someone’s voice as a sample. AI should be the same way

Haaaaa haaaa mf’ers the game has changed, don’t hate the playa, hate the game…B’s

You sound dumb

What Ice Cube doesn’t seem to understand is that nobody is taking his voice. It’s not like a sample. A sample would actually be a recording of his voice, of his performance. AI learns – because it is a form of intelligence – how to change one singer’s voice to sound like the voice of another usually more famous singer. It requires the learning of that famous singer’s voice from analyzing multiple recordings so that the program can pick up on all the subtle nuances of how that famous singer sings. But it doesn’t actually take any recordings. It’s nothing more than an advanced electronic version of somebody organically doing a vocal impersonation of another singer. But because it’s done with computers, it’s quicker and often more accurate. Besides, how would one pay a royalty for not sampling an actual track? And if people like Ice Cube actually started to get away with taking money from people who use an AI to make themselves sound more like him, they could circumvent such financial penalties by reprogramming the AI to not be so exact. This would allow the new singer to sound closer to someone like Ice Cube without actually sounding completely like Ice Cube. If it doesn’t sound exactly like him, and the new artist denies trying to sound like him at all, then Cube really wouldn’t really have a case.

You have to give the computer access to the artists recordings so that it can learn and mimic the voice. And therein lies the issue. Im surprised at the number of people, albeit the minority, who are cool with this. To me it’s akin to somebody using your DNA at the extreme. At the least, it’s no different than stealing a persons identity. The thief benefits from a credit record they did nothing to build, and to the detriment of the person violated.

No it is like a sample. Or even a remake. You tried to make a point almost made it seem legit, by the way you articulated your words but still
No cigar buddy. Even when u remake a song you can not make it sounding the same way. One’s voice is still there intellectual property. Thus is the reason why artists are frowned upon when sounding like another artist. But to takes one’s sound and selling it off as there own is misleading and false advertising thus is where the legal issues arise. So yes he could sue them.

It could be as simple as comparing the remake “sound of the voice” to someone making a beat or composition that sounds like any producers work…

Not a fan at all!! But, If AI becomes accepted… then let’s give the Grammy back to Milli Vanilli.

My view on my voice is that people can feel free, but with conditions. If you are going to use it for hateful rhetoric, you are going to have trouble. If you use it to work with actors/singers/notables that I detest, you are going to have trouble.

I learned from Pepe. I learned from Moon Man.

I want to be like Jim Henson; not George Orwell.

Robots should use its own “natural synthetics” 😂 steal your essence and discard the meat.

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