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Lala Inuti Ahari shares how spiritual health can improve your life

The spiritual alchemist shared some tips on how to improve both their spiritual and mental wellness

Lala Inuti Ahari is a master conjurer, Vodou specialist, spirit keeper, and healer who claims to free people of negative energy from emotional, mental, and financial blockages. As the founder of The Conjure, she has gained over three million views on YouTube.

Ahari explains how spiritual health may be tied to mental wellness.

What are some things people can incorporate daily to improve their spiritual health?

First, you want to get in touch with your own spirit. The first and best way to do that is through meditation. Some people have a system in the morning, where the first thing they do when their feet hit the ground is they may go hug a tree or make sure their feet are touching the ground to be grounded, and just be in the present. I’ve said this in another interview, where being in the present is going to keep you more grounded, where worrying about the past is more depression, and worrying about the future is more anxiety. Being in the present is where that’s your safe place. So, meditating first and then again, if you want to venture into your own spiritual bloodline, and things like that, start with your ancestors. If you’re like, “I don’t know my ancestors,” start with a past loved one, [like] a family member, just by honoring them. It can even be a family member that was really good in business and was a multimillionaire. You’re like, “I’m starting a business, so I need help.” There you go. You have the help. We all have help, we just don’t know it.

What message do you want to give people who are struggling with their mental health?

I would say start with meditation and your triggers. In the spiritual community, we call [it] shadow work. It is when you are triggered by certain things and you have to ask yourself, “Why did that just trigger me? Why am I upset? She didn’t really even say anything. She was talking to me, but I’m triggered. What is pulling at me, and why am I triggered?” Your answers are going to always be in your triggers. When it comes to depression, when it comes to anxiety, [it’s always], “Why am I getting anxiety right now when this happened? Maybe [it’s] some kind of trauma my body remembers, but for some reason, I’m being triggered.” Your answers are always going to be in your triggers. and that’s a good place to start when it comes to healing.

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