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Boosie to donate the luxury car he took back from daughter (video)

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana-bred rapper said his daughter is never getting that car back
Boosie to donate the luxury car he took back from daughter (video)
Boosie (Photo credit: / Jamie Lamor Thompson)

Boosie Badazz vows to never return the luxury car that he bought and then repossessed from his daughter, Toriana Hatch.

Instead, the Baton Rouge rapper told his fans on his Instagram story that he plans to donate the pink Mercedes-Benz to charity.

“I done washed my hands, ain’t no car coming back. It’s over with. Imma donate that motherf—— man, pay my taxes,” Boosie declared.

And then in a final dismissive tone, Boosie said he will “give it to the [American] Cancer Foundation.”

The imbroglio popped off when Boosie claims that his daughter took off from Atlanta without notice and headed home to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to take advantage of the situation when her mother filed for child support just before her 18th birthday.

The daughter, however, said she was going home to care for her mother who allegedly got into a bad car accident. When Boosie snatched the car back, she went volcanic on Boosie.

“Who gives [their] daughter a car…Take it back… ON TOP OF THAT GIVE HER A COLOR SHE DON’T EVEN LIKE BECAUSE YOU NOT ‘FATHER’ ENOUGH TO REMEMBER THE LIL S— BOUT YO OWN DAUGHTER,” she said during her tirade on her IG Story.

Boosie also used his IG story to clap back at Hatch’s claims against him. “BIG LIE She left ATL out of nowhere because she knew her moms had filed child support papers on me,” he railed on Sunday, July 16. 

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  2. hey there Boosie I’m in desperate need of a car I’m handicap and on a fix income it’s hard to get to places I need to go people want to charge a arm and a leg to take you somewhere I was using my granddaughter bike the one you donated to her for Xmas and someone stole it from save more on highland yes I’m in the south and thank you

  3. He is a old school father. I’m 63 and my dad never gave me nothing and didn’t Pay child support. He had excuse of the book but it’s OK. My mother is dead and has took care of is the best way she could. I had no help he is old school, and God says honor your mother and father not disrespecting and I love the way he is handling this and for those of you that say take back is wrong guess what disrespect is totally not of God let Boutte do it his way and she’s gonna learn a lesson later on in life should see what it’s really all about one hot children trying around call me Isa be bxxxx. I applaud you, Mr. Buzzi I’m from Lafayette, Louisiana and my son lives in Baton Rouge. He is fighting now to get into PA school. Everything in life is a struggle but to disrespect your dad when he’s gone, he will be gone little girl learn what he is telling you. Love you daddy and don’t take sides. Remember young lady you’ll find out that God is good I love me some Bootsy

  4. I sang whip me down …. In prison I had to learn it in 3 hours before a talent show BTW we nailed it the girls went wild ….. I don’t have parents my dad shot my mom then himself…… Kids don’t appreciate nothing they get these days …… who cares if it wasn’t her favorite color it was a gift!!!! Next year get her a t-shirt maybe she will be grateful she got something….. Just make sure it’s her favorite color!!!! lol [email protected] Keep being you!!!!

  5. So disrespectful! I wouldn’t care what you took back.. Yes Sir!! I could never…Daddy’s are so remarkably made. Lil Gul… I pray you never have to miss him…I love me some Bootsie..And for the record… He without sin cast the first stone.. Everyone has a past,present and future… Bootsie you did right! To complain now about the color of the car is a ” WOW” for me. I have seen a few disrespectful children of Artist’s but this Lil lady took the word disrespectful to an all new level. I understand going to be with mama during her medical situation ,just think she should have communicated to her father that she needed to be there for her mama. Prayers to her mama on a speedy recovery. God Bless you All…

  6. He did what a parent should do you get no rewards for that kind of behavior whatsoever and all rewards are up for evaluation because apparently you dont appreciate me and my hard work and efforts…GOOD JOB BOOSIE!!!

  7. Bossie you did the right thing.. That child left without telling anybody anything could have happened from Atlanta to B.R
    That kid is something else you kids these days which they had a dad like you… Salute 🫡 Bossie sugarbear 🐻Dallas TX

  8. That’s so sad how are you gonna give your daughter a car and take it back you any and give are you supposed to pay child support all that money you make you bought an $80,000 car but you don’t wanna pay child support you is a deadbeat dad

    1. A deadbeat doesn’t buy nothing or take part in a child’s life. How is he a deadbeat? Yall just like using the word. You just wasn’t raised right.. look at the two comments b4 you and after your comment. It tells it all.

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