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Dr. Jackie Walters explains how fibroids impact Black women

The OB/GYN says more research needs to be done

Jackie Walters, is an OB/GYN, a cast member of “Married to Medicine,” and the founder of the 50 Shades of Pink Foundation.

On July 17, Walters hosted her friend Judge Terrinee Gundy’s book cover reveal for The Daughter of a Junkie: A True Love Story.

Later Walters spoke with rolling out about the impact fibroids have on Black women.

What is most important to you as an OB/GYN?

I love what I do. Not having my own child and being able to help other women do something I couldn’t do is part of my purpose. I’ve taken my pain and turned it into a purpose.

What are your thoughts on the new non-prescription FDA-approved birth control pill?

I think I’m a little concerned about it because what people forget about birth control pills is they cannot protect you against HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, or chlamydia, so we need guidance.

When it comes to fibroids, how can we prevent them?

Women, especially African American women, more than half of us have fibroids and they can ruin your whole fertility and can cause great pain and bleeding. Be aware and just know your body. I hope that somebody will start to do more research on fibroids so we can get to the bottom of them, but we don’t know. We have patients who say, “Well I don’t eat meat,” and they still get fibroids so we don’t know.

What is the role of a Black OB/GYN in the community?

The role now is to save our lives. We know that Black women are dying three times more than anybody else [from health issues], so we encourage you to find a good doctor but if you can, find a good Black doctor.

What is your advice for aspiring OB/GYNs and medical professionals?

We need you. We need you now, especially for Black OB/GYNs. We need you more than ever people, so get busy.

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