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Could Michelle Obama replace Joe Biden as Democratic nominee in 2024?

Rumors are heating up about upcoming Presidential campaign
Could Michelle Obama replace Joe Biden as Democratic nominee in 2024?
Michelle Obama (Photo credit: / EPG_EuroPhotoGraphics)

Michelle Obama‘s name has now been brought up for the 2024 general election. Fox News opinion contributor Liz Peek believes if incumbent candidate Joe Biden does not continue his re-election campaign, then the former first lady would be an ideal last-minute replacement.

“Some are betting that if the president is driven out of the race next year by corruption allegations, increasing signs of mental impairment and terrible approval ratings, only the former first lady has the name recognition and popularity to step in as a last-minute replacement,” Peek wrote. “Mrs. Obama, one of the most admired people in the nation, would have an excellent chance of winning.”

The opinion writer pointed to Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and the drama around him as a potential roadblock and cloud over his re-election bid.

This is also a theory self-proclaimed Donald Trump loyalist Roger Stone predicted in July.

“As a veteran of many years in American politics, I’m going to tell you something somewhat shocking — Joe Biden will not be the nominee of the Democratic Party in 2024,” Stone said. “Kamala Harris will briefly become president, but the only way in their party they can replace a woman of color is with another woman of color and yes, you’ve heard it here first, the Democratic nominee for Ppresident will be Michelle Obama.”

Other political commenters have called the rumor a “panic” move by conservatives.

If she threw her hat in the ring — which is a very long shot because Obama has adamantly insisted she will not run — Obama would join the likes of Hillary Clinton as a former first lady who ran for president.

20 Responses

      1. Sure don’t know what tree you fell out of because she is the last person we need running this country. She would only finish ruining the country.

        1. that the whole plan. Her to ruin this country. to get closer to one world government. And all the elites run everything. And the elites will want us to kiss there feet.

  1. We are super screwed she gets in!!! She thinks she knows it all! She can’t even raise her girls and he is as dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to running a country!! But lying and cheating is run up both there alleys.

    1. How easy it is to pivot to trash
      At least make an educated comment. It’s like a baby throwing his food against a wall just to see if any of it sticks. Usually the ones making these types of comments are those who’s mind set is with a particular would hope that at voting time people would make a reasonable choice intelligence permitting. Most people just vote along party lines of ancestors within the family structure. If my grandpa was Republican, I’m Republican. And that goes for Democrats also. That’s why we’re in this mess at the present time.because know person takes the time to read the platforms of candidates.

    1. I agree with you I’d totally would vote for Michelle Obama. The Obama’s was the best present we ever had.

  2. Exactly what qualifies Michelle Obama to run for president?? At least Hillary served as a Senator AND Secretary of State. Plus that would actually be Barack’s 4th term in office for all intents & purposes!!!

  3. While I think Mrs. Obama would easily defeat anyone that the GOP could put forward, I think that you all are nuts to think that she wants anything of the sort. She doesn’t want any part of Washington, and why would she?

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