5 reasons to attend the Women on the Move Summit

Kim McNair gives details of upcoming summit

Kim McNair, Dr.h.c. is celebrating 10 years of the Women on the Move Summit on Sept. 21, at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta.

As the CEO of Kim McNair Productions LLC and the founder of the 501-c3 organization BWEP Leadership Academy, she teaches young girls and women the leadership skills necessary for business and entrepreneurship.

McNair described what attendees can expect at the Women on the Move Summit.

What can attendees expect at the Women on the Move Summit?

… When they come, we do our introductions, we get them really excited, and we do a motivational moment in the morning because I want them to get ready for all they’re going to receive. Then we have our panel discussions, we have some guest speakers, and then we give them an opportunity to answer those questions. … You’re in a room with other like-minded women or people that you may want to collaborate with, so it’s important that you come with your questions.

How should Black women in leadership navigate the workplace?

We have to understand that we can work together, and [there’s] room for everybody. I know people say a lot of times there’s a crab in the bucket [mentality], but as Black women leaders, we need to understand that we need to be able to lay that blueprint out for who’s coming next. You are not going to be there always. Why don’t you prepare for the next person that’s coming? Lay it out or allow the other young Black woman or the young Black girl that’s coming in, to not have to go through all the things you had to go through. Make it a little easier, so they can be the leader that they need to be.

What steps should someone take if she aspires to be an entrepreneur?

The first thing I would tell somebody is to do your research on what it is and make sure it’s something that you want to do. Make sure it’s not something someone else wants you to do. Make sure you’re not just doing it for the money, because eventually, you’re not going to love it, and you’re not going to want to do it. You’re going to be like, “Why am I doing this,” or “I was just doing this for that?” A lot of times you hear people do stuff that they love to do. Make sure it’s something that you’re passionate about, or at least something that you would stand up for.

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