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Tyrese trashed for saying he wishes he was born a Latino

Tyrese was cooked on social media after praising Latinos while pointing out the faults of African Americans
Tyrese Gibson (Photo credit: Splash News)

R&B crooner Tyrese incited a social media storm at the beginning of Black History Month when he told his fans that “sometimes” he wishes he was “born Latino.”

In latest of his frequent Instagram rants, the 45-year-old “How You Gonna Act Like That?” singer told his 20 million Instagram followers that Latinas are grounded in family and loyalty and thrive against the odds, things he believes Black people lack today.

“Sometimes I wish I was born Latino,” said the man born Tyrese Darnell Gibson.

“I mean the Latin community is grounded in family, loyal, entrepreneurs, businessman, and women literally represent the dream, the grind the hustle doing whatever it takes to stick together against all odds.

Tyrese trashed for saying he wishes he was born a Latino

Tyrese continued, saying, “If us [as] black culture was more grounded in these integral magical nuances of us we would be dominant….,” penned the Fast and Furious franchise star. 

“I have no idea how we lost our way.. We can’t get anything done and accomplished, as a fragmented culture…. insecure, threatened by each other … Competitive towards our own race, killing ourselves every single day frivolously the majority of us is black men and the millions are locked up in prison.”

Most fans did not take kindly to the post where Tyrese said he wished he was born into another culture, though he did have some supporters who understood what he was trying to say.

One social media scorched Tyrese, saying, “Dude, didn’t you create TWO broken homes, talking about you wish you were Latino because they value family. Do YOU value family?”

A second person said, “The Eurocentric slavery movement deliberately dismantled African families, but observe how Nigerians have prospered by maintaining family unity, even when migrating to the West. The key lies in preserving that sense of Know Thyself. Engaging in research and studying the ancient Kemetic principles of Ma’at will broaden your perspective on a global scale.”

“My brother, You are stuck inside the Matrix and don’t understand how to get out,” surmised a third person. “You understand, research ancient Kemet/Egypt you were just in that area and didn’t visit Nubian the real ancient Kemetic people.” 

Meanwhile, a fourth person suggested that “I think somebody should take your phone again, they race has the same problems black folks do every race has problems I think you need to reread your messages before you post them 😩🤦🏽.” 

After getting torched for a day or two, Tyrese returned to the topic and reposted one of the funny memes that were subsequently disseminated about him throughout cyberspace. He defiantly retorted “I said what I said” in the caption.

Tyrese trashed for saying he wishes he was born a Latino

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