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Camila Cabello warned ‘I Luv It’ collaborator Playboi Carti is mysterious

Singer Camila Cabello collabs not to work with Playboi Carter
Camila Cabello (Photo credit: Bang media)

Camila Cabello was warned not to ask Playboi Carti to work with her because he’s “mysterious”.

The “Havana” hitmaker, 27, has joined forces with the rapper on her latest single, “I Luv It”, and she ended up having a “really cute” exchange with the hip-hop artist, also 27, via DM, when she invited him to work with her, despite what everyone else had said.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, she shared: “I DMed him. Well, I feel like my mentality, I feel like throughout this process has been, first of all, closed mouths don’t get fed. And a lot of people are like, don’t even… He’s like, he’s mysterious and whatever. And I was just like, you know what? I’m just going to DM him. I said, ‘Hey, butterfly.’ And then he said, “CC,” and then I said, “Carti.” It was really cute.”

The pair hit off in the studio and Playboi – whose real name is Jordan Carter – laid down his verses whilst they knocked back Don Julio tequila.

She continued: “It was very genuine. And then we talked about Miami because he spends a lot of time in Miami and Atlanta, and yeah, I think we just started talking, and I think he really loved the kind of visual stuff that I was leaning into. I was just like, ‘Hey, come by. Let’s hang out. Let me play you some music.’ And I played him this song, because I think me and Pablo and Jasper were like, he would just be so sick on this song and we genuinely thought he would love the song, and he did. And we have similar ways of working, and for me, my writing process is just kind of free-styling, and then we work from that. But yeah, he just went in the booth and we were just so excited and we just like, we’re drinking Don Julio, and it was just sick.”

“I Luv It” was released this week ahead of her upcoming album, “C, XOXO”.

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