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Feds have video of male sex worker who was allegedly ‘victimized’ by Diddy

The sex worker is expected to testify before a grand jury as the feds try to get indictments against Diddy
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The federal government said it has incriminating evidence that could implicate Diddy in the charge of sex trafficking and other felonies.

The Department of Homeland Security conducted armed raids on Diddy’s palatial estates in Miami and Los Angeles in April 2024 and confiscated innumerable evidence, including electronic equipment.

According to CNN, the feds have a video that shows a male sex worker in action, and he has been identified.

“We are learning that federal investigators are in possession of video footage from inside of Combs’ residence,” said CNN’s entertainment correspondent Elizabeth Wagmeister. “These investigators have been contacting people that they have seen on this footage and bringing them in for questioning.”

One of the individuals, the male sex worker, claims that he was “victimized” by Diddy. The feds did not go into specifics but plan to have him and others testify against Diddy in the recently convened grand jury to try to indict him.

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The scope of Diddy’s investigation has widened from just sex trafficking

Initially, when the feds stormed Diddy’s mansions, a law enforcement source told CNN that the probe was mostly centered around the suspicions of sex trafficking. Based on the evidence collected during the raids, the scope and depth of the investigation have widened to include money laundering and illegal drugs.

“This is much bigger than just these lawsuits,” Wagmeister added quoting a federal law enforcement official.

Diddy has not responded publicly to the new report or the DOJ’s quest to indict him.

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