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DJ Freeze shares what makes Dallas mixers special

DJ Freeze always gives the crowd a reason to turn up

DJ Freeze is a mixer based in Dallas. He performed at the Toyota Music Den on day 1 of the TwoGether Land Festival. The music den consisted of numerous artists who came to perform a set of their songs for the crowd, while Toyota allowed guests to get a view of some of their vehicles. DJ Freeze provided the sounds for most of the day and gave the crowd a reason to turn up.

DJ Freeze spoke with rolling out about his DJ journey, being in Dallas, and tips he would give aspiring DJs.

Tell us about your DJ journey.

I’m from the great state of Mississippi. I came to Dallas in 2007 and I’ve been deejaying since 2000. It’s something that I love. I believe in great music and entertaining people and people follow you. The entertainment is what makes people come to where you are. I’ve been really blessed to have the following that I have for so many years and just having opportunities like the Toyota Music Den at the TwoGether Land Festival just makes it much more better.

What do you think makes Dallas DJs special?

I don’t even look at it as Dallas DJs because I’m not from Dallas. I don’t think DJs who are from Dallas are any different from a DJ that’s from somewhere else. We all have our niche and we do things a little bit differently. I think what makes us different is we have DJs from all across the globe that are old school and new school, you just have to find where you’d like to be.

What’s the song every DJ should be playing this summer?

You’re really running a tightrope now because you have people that want to hear a certain song and then you have certain stuff that DJs play. I’ll say just be creative because it’s going to be a hot and long summer, so I guarantee whatever your song is for the summer, the DJs in Dallas will play it at some point in time.

What are some tips you would give aspiring DJs?

Some of the best advice I’ve had is it doesn’t matter if it’s five people at your event or 5,000, rock it the exact same way because you never know that five might be the reason that you are a part of 5,000 later on. No matter how small, just do what you love to do, and believe in the crowd. Don’t get complacent; believe in the music, and that’ll set you apart.

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