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Why Black moviegoers are excited for the return of ‘Bad Boys’

Fans share appreciation for the franchise

The Bad Boys franchise is a longtime favorite for Black families across America. The popular production is the perfect mixture of action and comedy with two of the most recognizable faces from 1990s Black sitcoms, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

At an Atlanta premiere for Bad Boys: Ride or Die hosted by Movie Noire, rolling out spoke to moviegoers Brittany Whitner, Danielle Smith and Hakieam Hall and asked them what they love about the franchise.

Why are you so excited to see this movie tonight? 

Brittany Whitner: I like the entire franchise. I’ve been watching it since the first one came out.

Danielle Smith: We’re excited that we thought the third one was the last one, but now they’ve made the fourth one. It comes out tomorrow night and we got 25% off to see it early. So why not?

Hakieam Hall: I’ve [been] watching these movies for over a decade. I had to come back and see the new one. Same characters, can’t beat it.

What’s your favorite moment from the franchise?

DS: It has to be when Reggie was at the door coming to date the daughter and they were playing good cop, bad cop. To see Reggie in the fourth movie was full circle. I loved it. I was like, “Wait a minute. They’ve got the original Reggie to play him?” [That was a] big one, for sure.

HH: I have to probably say mine is when he got shot in the a–.

What message do you have for Will Smith and Martin Lawrence?

DS: Keep coming to Atlanta and making these movies. We love you. Love you, Will. Love, Martin. Y’all both look good, even after 20 years since the first one came out. Keep doing what you’re doing. I can take another five Bad Boys. No cap.

HH: Don’t wait two years to tell us part five is coming out. We need to know now.

BW: Don’t stop at this movie. Keep going.

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