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What it’s like to be an extra on a set with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

Cachavious Relf opens up

“And action” are the words you hear behind you as one of the most successful movie actors ever immediately gets into his most comfortable state. This might sound like a dream to some, but for Cachavious Relf, it was his reality.

Relf is an actor who was an extra in Bad Boys: Ride or Die, which stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. It’s one of the many thankless jobs on a set, but on June 6 at a premiere hosted by Movie Noire in Atlanta, Relf got a chance to speak to rolling out about the motivating experience.

What was it like being a background actor in this movie?

It was a good experience to be there with the main actors. Even seeing Will Smith gave me chills because I’m still grinding from the bottom to the come-up. To be able to be in his presence gave me chills. It was so vibrational, man. I couldn’t even look at him! He was like right there, and I couldn’t even look at him. I was just so overwhelmed. It was mind-blowing.

I got a little scene, and I hope I made the cut. I don’t know if I made the cut, but I’m hoping. Look out for me.

What did you learn from watching Will Smith and Martin Lawrence on set?

Dedication, man. Even with their age and doing it for so long, they still have life. The energy of the set was still young. Like me? I’m young. They’re still moving like me. It’s pretty dope to keep going. Never give up. To see where they came from, it’s really inspiring to even be in their presence. I’m humbled. It taught me a lot, and it’s motivational.

What’s your favorite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence moment?

When they do Bad Boys. … I like the energy and laughs. It’s all about family with them. That’s what I like about them.

What advice do you have for fellow aspiring actors?

Keep going, no matter what. If your back’s against the wall, keep going. If you have no work, work on yourself. People think, “Oh, what are you doing?” You’re working on this moment, so just keep going.

When was one time you had to keep going?

I wasn’t getting casting calls, and I was just applying and applying. I needed some work, so I decided to work on myself, and then I felt like I was progressing. God was like, “Be humble.” Sometimes, you have to have patience. Patience is key. Sometimes, you have to learn yourself. Some things, you have to learn within yourself so he can elevate you. Sometimes, I think about that.

What do you have coming up?

I have a lot coming up. I can’t speak [about] it right now, but follow my Instagram.

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