Art as the message and messenger

roula david cropped

Roula David, vice president of 1xRUN and founder and executive director of Murals in the Market, says that she is grateful that 1xRUN could collaborate on a project like the “Your Vote Matters” community art series where art is used in such a meaningful way. 1xRUN is a Detroit-based gallery and art publisher. During this […]

Public art serves as a reminder that your vote matters

In Detroit along Woodward Avenue downtown, or on Livernois south of Six Mile, or down Joy Road, brightly colored murals with “Your Vote Matters” messages emblazoned on the sides of buildings command a striking and bold presence. As a part of efforts to promote conversations around voters’ rights the ACLU of Michigan in partnership with […]

Detroit artist creates mural that sparks civic engagement conversation

The ACLU of Michigan in partnership with, a coalition of statewide organizations, launched an aggressive information campaign designed to educate the public about their voting rights. Particularly important to this campaign, branded “40 Days of Early Voting,” is education around Proposal 3, which passed in 2018 and expands access to the ballot by authorizing […]

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