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Beyonce Knowles

Beyoncé: Funniest memes on Instagram

Beyoncé celebrated her birthday; click here if you missed it. As we pay homage to her, we decided to shout out her fans, too. Beyoncé’s fans

Fans celebrate Beyoncé on her 33rd birthday

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is turning 33-years-old today and her Beyhive is swarming into a frenzy. On Instagram, the hashtag #beyoncebirthday is filled with collages, photos, memes

Beyoncé’s sexiest selfies on Instagram

Beyoncé, even with no makeup, is beautiful and hands down, she gives you sexy without even trying. As she celebrates her 33rd birthday today, we

Beyoncé shares new Instagram photos

Beyoncé may not update her Instagram often, but when she does, she posts some pretty amazing images. Recently, Mrs. Carter shared the above snap from

Beyoncé’s favorite throwback photos

Beyoncé; no matter what we do, fans just cannot get enough of her! On her personal Facebook page she has an album called ‘The Throwback’

Joan Smalls talks licking Beyoncé

Supermodel Joan Smalls says it was all her idea to lick Beyoncé in her “Yoncé ” video. “That was my idea,” Smalls told Vanity Fair

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