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Beyoncé strikes several poses on Instagram in her lengthy box braids

Beyonce NYC box braids_Rolling Out_Joi Pearson-1

Beyoncé always gives her fans exactly what they want, a daily dose of her and her fashions. She recently posted a few fashionable outfits on Instagram. In one photo, she wore a knee-length dress and rocked a fur handbag; in another she wore a mid thigh-length floral dress with a bold blue handbag.

Beyoncé captioned the above photo, “Parkwoodemoji” as she was seen in New York with her thigh-length box braids.

Check out how Bey wore her braids and her outfit in the gallery. Don’t you just love how she tags her Instagram posts with the bee emoji? –joi pearson @joiapearson

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  1. butter bean sugar on June 1, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    I THOUGH THIS WAS SOLANGE , SINCE THE ELEVATOR INCIDENT ..BEYONCE BEEN POSTING A LOT OF PICS ON LINE UMMMM to late now bey opinions are formed .. SHE LOOK MORE LIKE SOLANGE THAN SHE DO BEYONCE ..NOW DAYS .. . IT JUST BOUGHT TO LIGHT HOW MUCH ALIKE THEY LOOK … MOST OF US NEVER REALLY PAYED ATTENTION TO SOLANGE .. solange can not sing to me .she sounds like someone from the 70s rock erra , that couldnt sing .. man no wonder record companys wouldnt gamble on her

    but this is a nice pic of beyonce above she is very photo genic , so is solange though .. they have hieight for one . which is appealing .not short with no neck like ummm ashanti