The notable 2022 Met Gala Black celebrity outfits

The notable 2022 Met Gala Black celebrity outfits
Lizzo, Eykah Badu and Nicki Minaj pose for a selfie at the 2022 Met Gala. (Image source: Instagram – @lizzobeeating)

The annual Met Gala took place in New York City on May 2. The distinguished event where the biggest names in Hollywood show off their creativity through fashion, whether or not they follow the actual theme of the excusive event.

This year’s theme was Gilded Glamour, based off Mark Twain’s “Gilded Age,” a time between 1870-1890 when America saw various tech advancements like the telephone and light bulbs become common household items and skyscrapers began to dot the landscape. The specific instructions for attendees was to wear white ties instead of black. Here are some of the most notable looks from Black celebrities this year.

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