Jay Z and Timbaland win ‘Big Pimpin’ trial but they’re not out of the woods

Jay Z and Timbaland were recently victorious in their copyright infringement trial over Jigga’s 2000 hit “Big Pimpin” but the issue may not be over for the pair just yet. Though Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Christina A. Snyder ruled that the plaintiff, Osama Fahmy, “lacked standing to pursue his claim,” and that “in light of that […]

Jay Z and Timbaland sued for using sample in 1999 song ‘Big Pimpin’

Jay Z’s copyright troubles over his 16-year-old song “Big Pimpin’” are resurfacing to haunt him. A music composer’s nephew is suing the entertainment mogul and the song’s producer, Timbaland, over copyright claims regarding a flute sample. The Arabian-sounding flute in question is heard within the beat throughout the 1999 song about having casual sex with […]

Dame Dash regrets behavior in ‘Big Pimpin’ video and old business model

“This is the number one rule for your set, in order to survive you gotta learn to live with regrets,” – Jay Z “Regrets.” Sometimes as we grow older, we look back on past behavior and decisions and realize how we could have done things differently. That’s just how life goes and hip-hop executive Dame Dash […]

New proof Beyoncé and Jay Z may be headed for divorce?

Suffice to say that the majority of us don’t want to believe the rampant rumors of a looming divorce for Beyoncé and Jay Z after the On The Run tour ends, but boy do we keep getting small and subtle indicators that there may be some truth to the rumblings. The latest fuel to the fire […]

Jay Z ‘turns up’ Atlanta’s Philips Arena

Jay Z sure knows how to get the crowd hyped. Atlanta loves Jay Z and from the sound of it, the Brooklyn-bred rapper and music mogul returns the affection. “I’ve been looking forward to this date since they announced the tour. We’ve been in L.A., we’ve been in Houston, but Atlanta is one of those special […]

Jay Z may be sued for ‘Big Pimpin” sample

Jay Z, in addition to producer Timbaland, Warner Music, EMI, and even MTV and Paramount Pictures, may face a copyright infringement lawsuit in relation to Jay Z’s 2000 hit single “Big Pimpin.” Originally, all indications pointed to the statute of limitations running out in 2006 on the previous claim by the family of Egyptian composer […]