Zendaya found events preceding Black Lives Matter movement ‘traumatic’

Zendaya found the events leading up to the Black Lives Matter movement “traumatic.” The Greatest Showman star has praised the “inspiring” creativity and ingenuity that has come from this time but it has taught her how “important” it is to “take care of themselves.” She said: “The level of creativity and ingenuity, in this time, […]

ASAP Rocky changes his tune about Black Lives Matter movement (video)

A$AP Rocky was blasted into oblivion by Black Twitter he made disparaging and profane comments about Ferguson protesters after the murder of Michael Brown in 2014. But now he’s trying to explain back those inflammatory words. In the old interview with TimeOut’s Eve Barlow, Rocky expressed that he cannot relate to what was happening in […]

Jury declines to indict White police officer who killed Tamir Rice

The police officer who killed Tamir Rice got away with murder. According to prosecutor Tim McGinty, the shooting of a 12-year-old boy with a toy gun was justified under the law. “The evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police,” McGinty said. The grand jury declined to press criminal charges against  officer Timothy Loehmann who […]