Lamar Odom reveals drug he’s taking to stay sober

Lamar Odom has been taking small doses of ketamine to treat his addiction. The basketball player had a stint in hospital in 2015 after a near-death overdose and in order to fight his addiction, Odom has been using doctor-prescribed ketamine to help. According to WebMD, ketamine is an anesthetic and a pain reliever, and it […]

Long-drive champion Maurice Allen fights for diversity in golf

Golfer Maurice Allen is breaking records and making history as a major contender in professional long-drive competitions. Allen is one of the world’s top long drivers, as they are called, who compete against each other to see who can hit a golf ball the hardest, fastest and farthest. In 2018, Allen was the first African […]

Black NHL players

Hockey is a violent sport associated with missing teeth and blood. One thing that is not often associated with the sport, is a prevelance of black NHL players. Here is a list of current NHL playes who are African American.

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