Poor, Black and dead in Chicago meant big cash for body brokers


In the cities of Detroi, and Chicago, if you were poor and unable to afford a funeral for a loved one who recently died, an option may have been offered to you. That option was to donate the body of your loved one to medical research and a cremation would later be arranged. For people who […]

Millions made on dead bodies of the poor

The trading of human bodies for profit has been a conspiracy theory that many people just did not want to believe because of its morbid nature. The late comedian Dick Gregory tried to wake up people to this practice and not everyone believed him when he said that the bodies of healthy young Black men and […]

National black market body parts ring exposed in Michigan


Over the past few years, there has been a conspiracy theory circulating about the illegal trade of body parts. Noted Civil Rights activist and entertainer Dick Gregory has spoken at length on this subject and how the Black community is a victim of the trade. Now, further proof is coming forward that is beginning to […]

Feds investigating stolen body parts ring in Detroit and Chicago

The federal government is investigating the trafficking of human body parts in the cities of Detroit and Chicago. At the center of the investigation are the Biological Resource Center of Illinois and International Biological in Detroit. Authorities said the companies diverted bodies donated for medical research to a thriving black market for body parts. When […]