‘We can meet and die’: Teen’s shooting spree starts on Facebook Live; 4 dead

A teenager is currently in custody in Memphis‘ Shelby County jail after allegedly going on a shooting spree while driving through multiple states. Ezekiel Kelly, 19, was arrested on the evening of Sept. 7 in Southaven, Mississippi, hours after he went on Facebook Live and shot a random customer in an AutoZone. Kelly then ran […]

Ludacris’ Mercedes-Benz stolen in broad daylight

Ludacris has become the latest victim of a rapidly rising crime wave in Atlanta that is alarming city leaders, officials and residents alike. The hip-hop boss had his luxury Mercedes-Benz jacked in broad daylight while he ran off to retrieve some money from an ATM. On Jan. 25, 2021, Monday afternoon at about 4:30 p.m., […]

Car theft ends with child shot to death in backseat in Mississippi

A decision by a mom to leave her son in a running car outside of a Kroger supermarket has resulted in tragedy. Ebony Archie went into the grocery store in Jackson, Mississippi, while her son Kingston Frazier, 6, was asleep in the backseat of her Toyota Camry. While she was inside the store, car thieves […]

Homegoing celebration for bass player and father killed on Christmas Eve

Photo Credit: ConRu "Blacque" Carpenter FB

Photo Credit: Raquelle Harris for Steed Media It was evident at Anthony Tolson’s homegoing celebration that he was much more than just a bass player from Detroit; he was a man of God who affected countless lives. Senselessly slain on Christmas eve, Tolson left an interrupted legacy that will not be in vain. Held at Greater Christ Baptist Church on […]

Indianapolis police kill unarmed 15-year-old carjacking suspect

A tragedy occurred this week that seems to have escaped the mainstream media news cycle. On Sunday, Indianapolis police shot and killed an unarmed black teen suspected of a carjacking. The teen has been identified as 15-year-old Andre Green. Authorities stated that Green was shot when he “drove a vehicle” at officers. Green’s death makes him […]

Woman jumps on car hood to stop carjacking

[jwplatform aNiEAirU] CBS46.com reported: “A woman jumped on the hood of her car Friday afternoon to try to prevent thieves from stealing it.” Photo credit: CBS46.com

Philadelphia tragedy: Carjacked SUV runs over kids

A carjacking has claimed the lives of two young siblings this past weekend in Philadelphia. The kids were with their mother selling fruit Friday morning to raise money for their church when their lives were taken. Two black males carjacked a woman’s Toyota 4Runner SUV by forcing her into the backseat and then speeding off. […]

Detroit, the Motor City, now called Carjack City

The city of Detroit has lost so many citizens, the population is down to near 700,000 from 2 million. BY all accounts, crime has run rampant in the city to the point that Detroit Police Chief James E. Craig has urged citizens to buy a gun and do not wait for police.  Now, the Motor […]

Carjacking suspect couldn’t outrun police due to sagging pants

Elijah Freeman, 20, was a suspect in a carjacking. He allegedly wrecked the car shortly after stealing it and tried to make a run for it. Unfortunately for Freeman, the wreck was in front of the Clayton County, Ga. police headquarters. We’re sure Freeman should have listened when his elders told him to pull his […]

Teenager carjacks love interest after romantic 1st date

Everyone has or will experience a bad first date. However, a Florida woman may have experienced the worst first date in the history of first dates. According to reports, Donald McGee Jr., 19, and Nimeha Milien, 21, decided to go on a date after texting each other for several weeks. The two talked about their likes […]

Bronx, N.Y., man on the run after shooting ex-girlfriend, kidnapping kids

Fritz Edwards, 29, shot his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his children at 5 a.m. Sunday, Nov.18. He attempted to set the apartment on fire before kidnapping his toddlers. In the midst of his rage, he snatched Nahzir, 5, and Myliah, 2, who was only wearing a T-shirt and diaper, according to neighbors. After fleeing the […]

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