Celebrity photographer Derek Blanks wins big at the Stellar Awards

Derek Blanks is probably the most recognizable photographer in the southeast. His name has become synonymous with the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” for his numerous appearances and there are few urban celebs who haven’t graced his lens. The former art student has been applying his artistic gift to models and celebs for over a decade […]

Celebrity photographer LaToya Sparks talks about how she got started

As a young girl, LaToya Sparks loved snapping pictures with her friends and family before knowing what photography really meant. Now, she is a new, up-and-coming celebrity photographer in Houston who has a sensational eye for style and pays close attention to detail. She is the proud owner of Creative Sparks Image, a unique photography […]

Hollywood mourns death of celebrity photographer Bill Jones

Noted celebrity and red carpet photographer Bill Jones died. Born William Benjiman Jones, he was 81. He was a beloved member of the paparazzi because he had good manners. Jones’ first celebrity photo was of Muhammad Ali in the early 1960s while on duty as a technical sergeant with the Air Force. Later, he pursued his […]

FOTO 119’s Ty Beal

FOTO 119 photography boasts of capturing the human spirit, beauty, attitude and complexity through a lens in a captivating way that is at once raw, candid and stylized. Here, celebrity photographer Ty Beal shares his back story. How did you get started in your profession? FOTO 119: I was working as a songwriter and started […]