Fetty Wap pays a visit to a cancer patient

When it comes to Fetty Wap, most of the time people are either talking about his music or his ongoing troubles with his most famous baby’s mama, Masika Kalysha. However, the hip-hop hitmaker gave fans something really positive to talk about this weekend as it was revealed that he recently visited a child in the hospital […]

50 Cent one-ups Martin Shkreli’s autism donation

50 Cent was in major hot water with the autism community earlier this week when he posted a video of himself unknowingly mocking an autistic teenager. Not surprisingly, 50 had to eat his words and apologize for the goof up. However, 50’s scandal ended up inspiring fellow public villain Martin Shkreli to donate money to […]

The Game spends $5K on Christmas gifts for murdered friend’s kids

Like the name of his aptly titled The Robin Hood Project foundation, The Game really has become the Robin Hood of his, well, Cali hood as he’s made a name for himself and his charitable heart by sharing his wealth with those in need in his West Coast home state. Recently The Game shared another heartwarming charitable […]

The Game joining with gang leaders to pay for little boy’s funeral

The Game may not be the poster child for nonviolence when it comes to rappers, but that doesn’t mean that he’s incapable of promoting peace and justice in the face of tragedy. And that point was made clear this week when Game offered to pay for the funeral of a young boy who was shot […]

Cash Money gives out turkeys for Thanksgiving

Every year, Cash Money Records makes it a point to give back to the city of New Orleans and abroad by handing out Turkeys to the various communities and this year was no different as Birdman and his Cash Money crew of rap stars handed out the plump birds to the needy families this week. […]

Drake and Game donate money for funerals of 6 people killed in house fire

The hip-hop community has seen a considerable amount of good deeds done by rappers this past week thanks to Game’s charitable efforts for a slain California girl. Now, it appears that Game’s big heart has moved Drake as well as both rappers have now teamed up to pay for the funerals of 6 people who died in a tragic […]

Lupe Fiasco gives Chicago grads stern speech about their ‘terrible school systems’

Lupe Fiasco has become one of music’s most polarizing figures in recent years thanks to his critiques of everything from the word “b—-,” to inner city violence, to President Barack Obama. Whether being righteous or insulting, Lupe’s intentions have always been about bettering the common man. Lupe’s harsh style of tough love was in full […]

Oprah Winfrey donates $12 million to African American museum

If Oprah Winfrey believes in anything, it is education. It’s been the focal point of her message and career and she’s shelled out tons of money in the past to initiate educational programs, fund colleges and even set up a school of her own. Now the OWN mogul has made another gargantuan donation in the […]

Ne-Yo donates thousands of toys to kids

When you have more, you give more and since it’s the holiday season, Ne-Yo is putting that old adage into action as he recently donated thousands of toys to foster children around the country through his recently wrapped sixth annual Giving Tour. Through his nonprofit organization, The Compound Foundation, which works to empower youth in […]

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