Ne-Yo donates thousands of toys to kids

Ne-Yo donates thousands of toys to kids

When you have more, you give more and since it’s the holiday season, Ne-Yo is putting that old adage into action as he recently donated thousands of toys to foster children around the country through his recently wrapped sixth annual Giving Tour.

Through his nonprofit organization, The Compound Foundation, which works to empower youth in foster care, Ne-Yo visited five cities, including Atlanta, Las Vegas, Newark, N.J., and his hometown, Los Angeles, and gave toys away to kids in foster care and group homes.

“I feel that circumstance — where and how you grow up — should have nothing to do with where you go in life. As a foster kid, as a group home kid, you’re kind of counted out before you get the opportunity to prove your worth. I don’t feel like that’s right,” Ne-Yo told MTV Act.

Of course, now that Ne-Yo is a father of two, he says that he feels even more compelled to help enrich the lives of kids across the nation.

“I founded the foundation before my kids came, but now that I am a father, it just makes it that much more important, because I could never imagine my kids not having the opportunities that regular kids would have. Again, where kids come from and the circumstances that they’re in should have nothing to do with where they go,” Ne-Yo explained.

Ne-Yo donates thousands of toys to kids

We commend Ne-Yo for going above and beyond with his charity work this holiday season. Check out some other charitable celebs below. –nicholas robinson

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