Willow Smith says celebrity life for teens is ‘terrible’

Since breaking into the spotlight years ago with her Billboard hit “Whip My Hair,” Willow Smith, the child of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has been a fixture in the pop culture landscape as one of the most talked about celebrity teens on the planet. However, even though Smith isn’t as active in the […]

Child stars who grew up to be hot, part 2

Child stars who grew up to be hot Fans who tune into their favorite TV shows to see the adorable teens often dote on child stars and tots reprise a role. While some maintain their kid-like looks and charm, others have blossomed into strikingly attractive adults–ones that make you feel a bit creepy for noticing. […]

Celebrities you didn’t know were child stars

We look at the stunning successes of current stars such as Selena Gomez, Meagan Good and Jurnee Smollett and don’t realize they are reaping the benefits of work and experience that they’ve been putting in since they were little kids. Yes, the following adult stars started off as child celebrities on TV. They represent the […]

All grown up: Celebrity children who grew up beautifully

Remember cute, little, Rudy Huxtable from “The Cosby Show”the spy kids duo, or the many stars birthed from the Mickey Mouse Club? Well, they’re not so little anymore. A generation of celebrity children are all grown up now and quite beautifully we might add. Check them out here. – ruthie hawkins

Many celebrities defend Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan

Many celebrities find the media’s relentless chronicling of the downward spiral of Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan simply abhorrent. Many have come to their defense or have offered words of encouragement, particularly former child stars who can empathize with their feelings of confusion, disenchantment, depression and resentment. Some former child stars have intentionally retreated from […]

Child stars who grew up to be super hot!

A successful career in Hollywood is never guaranteed, as up-and-comers are always vying  for the spotlight. We’ve seen more than a handful of young stars from television shows, movies and music videos fade into oblivion, seemingly overnight. However, a few have managed to transition into adult roles while maintaining their stardom. Take a look at […]

Child Stars Who Became More Famous as Adults

The streets of Hollywood are littered with the souls of childhood stars who tried to navigate the pitfalls and landmines of transitioning into respected adult artists and were woefully unsuccessful. Today, we salute those who somehow managed to reinvent themselves during that awkward and oftentimes painful metamorphosis and, in the process, became bigger stars than […]

What These Child Celebrities Look Like Now

Probably one of the most difficult and underestimated obstacles for a young star is transitioning from a child or young celebrity into a legitimate Hollywood heavyweight. For some, like Raven-Symone and Michael Jackson, they became much bigger stars than even when they were kids, although Mike ultimately paid the price with his sanity and then […]

Will Smith Bans Willow From Dating Till She’s 40

Will Smith may be one of Hollywood’s hippest and coolest dads, but when it comes to his daughter, Willow, well, he’s an old-fashioned papa. According to reports, Smith has apparently banned Willow from dating until she’s middle-aged. In a new video report floating around the Web, Smith apparently told reporters that his superstar daughter isn’t […]

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