5 of the richest pastors in the world

Running a church can be a lucrative business these days. While a church leader’s preaching salary may not be in the millions, many Christian pastors sell DVDs, books, and find other ways of build a major fortune. The fact that many of the richest pastors head megachurches and therefore have large followings ensures that their […]

Megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar may get major Atlanta road named after him

The impact and popularity of megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar has been highly debated in Atlanta and nationally. Last year, Dollar waged an online campaign to raise $65 million for a new Gulfstream G-650 jet to support his ministry. Now it seems that Dollar may get a major Atlanta road named after him if Georgia State […]

Oxygen announces ‘Preachers of Atlanta’; just what we need?

First, the “Preachers of L.A.” shocked the nation, then the “Preachers of Detroit” was birthed. OMG! This was the only expression I could think of when I heard the “Preachers” franchise was expanding to the city of Atlanta. What’s crazy is I thought Atlanta would be the first city on the map before any other […]

Jesus rode a donkey, why does Creflo Dollar need a $65M jet?

Jesus Christ, arguably the most renowned biblical figure, traveled by foot, boat and donkey. Granted in the ancient world, those were the most common modes of travel. But despite the fact that he didn’t travel in a craft that moved faster than the the speed of light, his name launched a religion and 2,000 years […]

Why Creflo Dollar wants church members to pay for his new $65 million jet

Creflo Dollar has earned a living by preaching the importance of wealth building at his World Changers Church in College Park, Georgia. Reportedly, Dollar has a net worth of $27 million, owns a $1 million home in Atlanta, a $2.5 million condo in Manhattan, and drives a Rolls-Royce. Dollar also owned a private jet that […]

Bishop T.D. Jakes responds to Deitrick Haddon’s challenge to do reality TV

Though they’ve certainly had their disagreements on the merits of the marriage of the Gospel and reality TV, Minister Deitrick Haddon thinks Bishop T.D. Jakes and others would do well starring in their own shows. Haddon stars in and produces the Oxygen network’s megahit “Preachers of L.A.,” which just wrapped its second season, and has a […]

Watch Night services 2013: Atlanta

Watch Night services have been held in African American communities for over a century. The tradition can be traced back to New Year’s Eve 1862, which has also been called Freedom’s Eve. During that time African Americans gathered in churches and homes throughout the country bringing in the New Year as they awaited news that […]

Ann Nesby releases ‘Holiday Love’; listen now

Grammy Award-winning singer Ann Nesby is back, and she’s reminding us just how stellar her voice is with her new holiday single, “Holiday Love.”  “Holiday Love” comes from Nesby’s recent merger with Creflo Dollar’s label, Arrow Records and their Arrow Soul  division. that was formed earlier this year. Listen to this holiday single and let us know […]

Deadly Shooting at Creflo Dollar’s World Changers Church in Atlanta

An armed black male wearing a suit and tie entered the 10 a.m. Bible Study service on Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012, at Rev. Creflo Dollar’s World Changers Church International in College Park, Ga., a metro Atlanta community, and began shooting in the chapel at the megachurch. Greg McDowell, 39, was leading the prayer service when […]

10 Wealthiest Religious Leaders in America

Religious leaders have a responsibility to educate, inform and serve as spiritual guiders to the members of their congregation. While most religious leaders earn meager salaries and often work additional jobs to make ends meet, several religious leaders have found a way to earn a lucrative living while spreading the word. Click continue to view […]

Creflo Dollar Orders Members to Return to Bishop Eddie Long, New Birth

Bishop Eddie L. Long still has an ally in fellow mega-church pastor Dr. Creflo Dollar. Long has witnessed a sharp reduction in members at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. But Dr. Dollar is working to help reverse that membership trend by ordering former parishioners back to the New Birth empire in Lithonia, Ga. Dr. Dollar, […]