Oxygen announces ‘Preachers of Atlanta’; just what we need?

preachers of detroit cast

First, the “Preachers of L.A.” shocked the nation, then the “Preachers of Detroit” was birthed.


This was the only expression I could think of when I heard the “Preachers” franchise was expanding to the city of Atlanta. What’s crazy is I thought Atlanta would be the first city on the map before any other locales because we have had our share of drama from the pulpit to the parking lots when it comes to preachers. This is the only city I know that converted a church to a nightclub and now the pews are the VIP tables. “Please #FixitJesus,” in my Phaedra Parks voice.

The “Preachers” franchise shows were one of the most talked about and watched shows in the history of Oxygen Network. The “Preachers of L.A.” garnered a large enough audience to not only get a second season but to add “Preachers of Detroit,” get great ratings, and now, another spin-off. L. Plummer Media, in association with Releve Entertainment, which includes Lemuel Plummer, Holly Carter, Chris Costine and Mark Scheibal, all serve as executive producers and they are on that midnight train to Georgia.

We must admit the churches and pastors of the ATL have a lot of going-ons to keep everyone tuned in. Maybe that’s why Creflo Dollar’s ridiculous multimillion dollar plane campaign was launched. That had to be some scripted gesture for the cameras. After watching “Preachers of Detroit,” I swear my nightly martini count went up by two drinks.

Oxygen recently revealed in their upfronts the following:

“Atlanta is the home not only to fast cars, sprawling mansions and the southern elite, but a new generation of up-and-coming preachers who are superstars of the pulpit. The third installation from the popular franchise, ‘Preachers of Atlanta’ documents the lives of the city’s young elite mega-pastors as they focus on the daily struggles and triumphs as husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and friends, while also maintaining their duties as men and women of God.”

Who will be in the cast? Oxygen hasn’t revealed yet but, they probably reached out to the usual suspects: PJ Morton, Bishop Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, Montell Jordan (yep, he’s a pastor now), Canton Jones, Edward Long Jr. Bishop Morton. Who else? Juanita Bynum, yep, she probably has gotten a phone call.

Preachers of Atlanta is coming Production is officially underway, but I can confirm the following. Edward Long will not be a part of the cast, neither will Montell Jordan. I guess we just have to keep our ear to the streets. If I find out you know I will be posting it. If you find out, email me.

Who do you want to see on the show?

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