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Judi J talks boys, bisexuality, and how to achieve #relationshipgoals with bae

Judi Jackson (photo credit Oxygen)

Judi Jackson (Photo credit: Oxygen)

Breakout star Judi Jackson has been in her fair share of catfights some which resulted in huge ratings for ‘Bad Girls Club.” On Tuesday, Feb. 14, on Valentine’s Day, Oxygen will unleash “Battle of the Ex Besties,” a show focused on former BFFs who’ve fallen out of sync with one another. Judi J is one of the contestants along with her former bestie Danni.

We had the opportunity to talk with Judi J about her debut on the new show along with her thoughts on how to achieve #relationshipgoals and why BFFs fall out so often. Here are her five reasons former BFFs become frenemies.

  1. Boys – “Girls are always fighting over boys. A boy may like a girl but her friend likes him, or sometimes a boy will go between friends.  Most of the time boys are at the center of girl-fights, ” Judi says.
  2. Girl on girl relationships – “A lot of BFFs end up falling for each other and having a relationship and then it goes to a whole different place. That is behind a lot of girl on girl fights.”
  3. Being phony –  “No explanation needed. Getting caught talking on both sides of the fence has ruined friendships since the beginning of time.”
  4. Internet beef –  “Taking your emotions to social media can take a small disagreement into a raging war.”
  5. Jealousy – “It’s hard for girls because most of them feel like you have to look perfect. A lot of fights start because one girl feels insecure and is jealous of another,” Judi J explains.

Check out the entire interview below and tune in to the “Battle of the Ex Besties” on Oxygen, Tuesday, Feb. 14 at 9 p.m. EST. You can follow Judi J on social media at @missjudijai.

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