Man kidnaps child and mother at daycare, then does the unthinkable

On June 16, police arrested a man who kidnapped his child and the the child’s mother from a daycare in DeKalb County, Georgia. Police responded to a domestic violence call in the afternoon at the Elevation Education Daycare. The owner of the daycare told WSB-TV that the staff tried to stop Taco Nash from taking […]

Daycare worker allegedly killed infant for continuously crying

A daycare worker will face murder charges after allegedly killing a toddler. According to KLTV, Dejoynay M. Ferguson, 19, of New Castle, Delaware, was watching several kids at the Little People Child Development Center when the incident occurred. A 4-month-old infant, who was being watched by Ferguson, apparently began crying. Instead of using conventional methods […]

Minneapolis daycare provider accused of hanging toddler gets wrist slap

Back in November 2016, rolling out reported on an incident involving Natalia Karia, a Minneapolis daycare provider, that shocked the city. According to police, an unidentified man was dropping off his child at the home daycare when he noticed that Karia was acting strangely. She allegedly stated to him that “she had done something bad” […]

Daycare provider charged after hanging toddler from noose

When a parent leaves their child at daycare, they pray that it is a safe place. For one family in Minneapolis, Minnesota their worst nightmare came true after their child was found hanging by a noose in the basement of a caretaker’s home. Police are stating that Natalia Karia, 42, is responsible for the crime […]

Child suffers 3rd degree burns with daycare worker

It is every working parent’s nightmare to pick up a child who has been injured while at daycare. It’s even worse when you discover your child is suffering from second and third degree burns. This incident happened recently at Discovering Basics daycare in Hall County, Georgia. Police have now arrested Eddye Pittmon, 55, for child […]

Woman robs 18-month-old baby by stealing the girl’s $100 earrings

A 21-year-old woman robbed an 18-month-old baby. According to a report by CBS New York, Desire Santiago stole the baby’s earrings while working at a daycare in Bronx, N.Y. A surveillance camera caught Santiago as she picked up the sleeping baby and put the girl on her lap. When a co-worker left the room, Santiago […]