Jacquene Curlee tackles the 3 most common misconceptions about drones

Prior to becoming a leading drone pilot who oversees one of the most successful and informative academy’s in the state of Georgia — Unmanned Academy and Kidz Drone Zone (kidsdronezone.org) — Jacquene Curlee was a forensic accountant who specialized in fraud investigation. Her most recent calling came when her son suggested they do away with […]

Amazon approved by FAA to test delivery drones

[jwplatform T6UyIJfc] Amazon has been granted permission to conduct delivery drone test flights from the Federal Aviation Administration. Is life imitating art? Are we witnessing the beginning of the Terminator villain: SKYNET? #TechTues Photo Credit: Reuters/TOMONews

Kanye West says he’s afraid for his daughter because of paparazzi

Kanye West claims that he and his wife Kim Kardashian put down a deposit on a $20 million estate in the Hidden Hills of Calabasas, California. And they are looking to move to the property because he fears for his family due to the over-the-top intrusions of the paparazzi.

President Obama authorizes drones in search for kidnapped Nigerian school girls

President Obama has authorized the use of drones and other assets in Nigeria in order to find the 200 school girls kidnapped by terrorist group Boko Haram. The Obama administration revealed earlier this week the level of support engaged to find Boko Haram and the missing girls. The U.S. has currently both manned and unmanned […]

President Obama heckled by activist Medea Benjamin; Twitter goes crazy

 Count on President Obama to allow an activist to continue yelling at him while being escorted out. Medea Benjamin and her work with Code Pink is finding itself on the top of Twitter’s trending topics after Benjamin interrupted President Obama’s speech with drone protests.  While the real news may not deem this relevant, even though […]

Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin escorted out after yelling during Obama speech

Medea Benjamin, a member of Code Pink, a women’s grassroots peace and social justice movement was very recently escorted out of President Obama‘s speech after interrupting with yells about the inhumane use of drones killing innocent lives overseas, and are slowly being implemented in the US.  Listen below and let us know how you feel about […]