California warns residents of rolling blackouts due to extreme weather

The state of California recently announced an extreme heat event that caused the Level 3 emergency alert to be sent out statewide. There have been record-level temperatures, many in excess of 100 degrees, that are causing the electrical grid to be overworked. This was expected to cause rolling blackouts all over California if not managed […]

March 2013 extreme weather events signify the apocalypse?

Is it the beginning of the end for life on Earth as well all know it?  As the 8th plague hits Israel with  locusts, and thousands of pigs washed upon the shore of Japan, it’s hard not to feel the urge to pick up the Bible just to see what happens next. Just last month, nearly every […]

Tornadoes form in North Georgia storm

The storm in North Georgia town like Adairsville are currently experiencing a terrible thunder storm, and as a reporter looks on, a tornado forms before his very eyes.  Take a look.