Prison Break: Inmate-turned-philanthropist aims to strengthen families

Prison B.R.E.A.K. is an acronym for Building Relationships Empowerment and Knowledge. Soldiers and inmates have something in common: war. Our wars are both internal and external. They both lead to a demise of sorts. On the one hand, there is the kind of constant emotional battery that takes the lives of intrinsically good men and […]

Find out which states are restoring felons’ voting rights

“This plan [to disenfranchise felons] will eliminate the darkey as a political factor in this State in less than 5 years, so that in no single county…will there be the least concern felt for the complete supremacy of the white race in the affairs of government.” – late Virginia Congressman Carter Glass while advocating for […]

President Obama makes a personal visit to Newark to discuss criminal justice

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama visited the campus of Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey this past Monday. The purpose of the visit to Newark was to discuss his continuing revision of the US criminal justice system and release of prisoners back into the population. In attendance at the event were Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, US Senator […]

Federal government to release 6,000 federal inmates, largest in history

The US Department of Justice and the US Sentencing Commission have made a startling announcement that will affect America and the Black community. It has been announced that more than 6K federal prisoners are set to be released by Nov. 1, 2015. The vast majority of prisoners were convicted of non-violent drug offenses. In addition, it is […]

Obama to Grant Tens of Millions to Keep Inmates Out of Prison, Find Jobs

President Obama understands how asinine and un-American it is to send prisoners away to pay their debts to society for illicit activity and then make it impossible for them to return to society in a legitimate and productive way. Therefore the administration announced a $20 million federal grant to help ex-offenders return to the work […]