Spike Lee’s ‘She’s Got to Have It’ addresses #Metoo culture

Spike Lee provided my 2017 Thanksgiving “binge situation” when I learned he’d partnered with Netflix to release a new adaptation of his 1986 flick She’s Gotta Have It. I remember watching the movie in awe of Tracy Camille John’s character Nola Darling, who unapologetically flaunted her sexuality, dealing with three male lovers without shame. Back in 1986, […]

University of TN professor fired after messing with the wrong Black woman

Imagine you are a Black student at the University of Tennesee at Knoxville, fully aware of the struggles of your ancestors in America. Now imagine that your White professor teaching the class ” Sociology of the Family” gives an exam that includes the following question: Historical research on African-American families during slavery shows that: A) […]

Objectification forces women to exhibit sex appeal even during pregnancy

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, acknowledging the progress in women’s rights over the last fifty years, I am reminded that no matter how far women march or how loud we roar, sexual objectification will accompany the word “woman” quite possibly until the end of time. It’s unnerving that women are expected and even expect themselves to […]