Laurie Davis shares emotional story of how Alliance Tax Solutions helped her

Alliance Tax Solutions has helped many people as they deal with problems with the IRS, and many entrepreneurs have made mistakes on their taxes. Laurie Davis told the president of rolling out, Rashad Richey, Ph.D., how Alliance Tax Solutions helped her. Laurie Davis: I came to Alliance because I was a typical person trying to […]

SmittyTheGOAT’s must-know credit building gems

Credit guru and entrepreneur Kenny “SmittyTheGoat” Smith took a different path than his peers in Chicago. After realizing his basketball career was limited, he pivoted by watching a friend go off the grid and come back as a successful financial literacy expert. It was at that moment he put his head in the books and […]

Samantha Banks teaches how #LandCrypto sets Black people up for success

Samantha Banks is a wife, a mother of five, and the CEO of Financial ID Capital LLC, a boutique accounting firm. She is also the founder of Wife Mommy CEO LLC. Banks has a very unique and valuable perspective of the role of women in her industry and she shared some of that with rolling […]

Summer Faussette of Comerica Bank drops gems for creating good financial health

Summer Faussette, African American business development manager of Comerica Bank, is tasked with strengthening Comerica’s internal and external initiatives among the bank’s established African American business resource groups. She shares tools to not only improve and maintain healthy financial relationships but to create long-term changes in the Black community and businesses. As a national African […]

6 simple ways overspenders can save money

Let’s face it, some of us are saving wizards while for others, it comes as a real struggle. If you find yourself questioning where all your money went, then you are one of those people who have a harder time saving than others. This is nothing to feel bad about, you just haven’t yet found […]

Alquincia Selolwane confesses there is a downside to supporting the community

Tune in as “Check’N in with rolling out” catches up with app developer and business expert Alquincia “AKANundrum” Selolwane as she shares her views about the downside of “supporting” instead of patronizing Black businesses as well as her belief that COVID-19 is ushering in a cashless society. This is an interview you don’t want to […]

Vedo the Singer shares why becoming a songwriter is a rich move for artists

Tune in as singer-songwriter Vedo the Singer shares how not “settling” for a major label has helped him get rich in his music career. In this interview, the multiplatinum songwriter shares his experience working with Chris Brown, Usher and Ella Mai and how COVID allowed him to slow down and be a father.

Hidden Empire CEO Deon Taylor encourages RIDE Con viewers to ‘take a chance’

Deon Taylor, the founder of Hidden Empire Film Group, took the virtual stage at RIDECon 2020 and had a clear message for the audience: “You cannot be afraid to take a chance.” He also dropped knowledge on the significance of Black creators being financially prepared via Comerica Bank. Through the session, “Conversations with Irv Ashford […]

The Budgetnista’s Tiffany Aliche gives recession-proof financial advice

Tiffany Aliche is an award-winning financial educator who is driven by the mission to empower women and provide them with access to tools and resources they would not otherwise be able to access. Through her company, The Budgetnista, she has created a financial movement that has helped over 800,000 women worldwide collectively save more than […]

Meet Jatali Bellanton, founder of Kids Who Bank

Rolling out sat down with Jatali Bellanton, mother and finance professional, to talk about her mission, vision and values. Please inform our readers a little bit about yourself and how you ended up in a career in finance. I worked professionally in finance for 13 and a half years in investment banking and forensic accounting […]

Lil’ Kim says impending bankruptcy no longer an issue

Lil’ Kim wants her bankruptcy to be dismissed. The 44-year-old rapper has filed court documents explaining she has been able to get her finances in order so she no longer needs any help from the court to protect her from creditors and has asked for a federal judge to dismiss the filing she made a […]

7 more apps to help jump-start your investing and budgeting

Recently, one big topic on millennials’ minds is financial literacy. A lot of people in Generation Y feel that they are not well-versed in finances and other money-related matters. If you are one of them, these seven apps will help you get your money right. Acorns  Having been out for a few years now, Acorns […]

8 free apps for budgeting finances

Sometimes we all need a little help keeping track of our finances. While some can afford to pay others big bucks to do it for them, most cannot and rely on banks. There are tons of apps that can help you take control of your own budgeting right in the palm of your hand. Many of […]

R. Kelly’s financial status will shock you

Embattled R&B crooner R. Kelly’s career, image and life are already in abject shambles these days. And, as most pop culture fans have long suspected, Kelly’s finances are on the list of things that are in a perilous condition. After creditors came in and scooped up the last vestiges of R. Kelly’s wealth, he was […]

Marriage and divorce: 10 ways to secure your bag before you say ‘I do’

Recording artist Monica filed for a divorce from her NBA baller husband Shannon Brown earlier this month. Instagram photos show her without her wedding ring and with subliminal captions in her posts. The reasons for the split aren’t clear, but one thing that should be is how their assets are going to be divided upon […]

Jermaine Jackson accused this person of stealing $94K of his music royalties

Jermaine Jackson and ex-wife Halima Rashid have had their marital drama, but this time it has gone too far for Jackson to handle. The 64-year-old singer split from Halima Rashid — whom he married in 2004 — in June 2016, but their divorce case is still ongoing. In November 2015, Rashid was arrested on a domestic violence charge amid […]

Dr. DeForest B. Soaries Jr. says financial wellness is within reach

Tax season is over, nearly half of the year is over, and many of us have yet to move forward on the financial goals that we have set for ourselves and our families. This is because, to advance in life, we need more than just goals — we need strategies. We’ve been led to believe that […]