Former cop who killed unarmed Black man charged with 1st degree murder

After three long years, a former officer of the law has been charged with first-degree murder for his part in the death of an unarmed Black man who was attempting to comply with orders. Eric Ruch, 33, the ex-officer, shot 25-year-old Dennis Plowden after a car chase that ended when Plowden crashed into a light […]

Murder suspect YNW Melly denied ‘compassionate release’

Rapper and murder suspect YNW Melly was denied a “compassionate release” from prison on April 14, 2020, despite claims that he contracted the coronavirus. Melly, who was born Jamell Maurice Demons in Gifford, Florida, even offered to the judge that he would pay for his own medical expenses, as he claims he is exhibiting the […]

Legendary Philadelphia rapper Cool C gets execution date

“Hurry up and lay him on the table,” said Michael Caesar, son of slain Philadelphia officer Lauretha Vaird at a 2009 post-conviction hearing for Christopher Roney, better known as rapper Cool C. On Friday, Nov.21, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed the execution warrant for Roney to die by lethal injection on Jan. 8, 2015, for […]

Finally! Jordan Davis gets justice

A Florida jury today, found Michael Dunn guilty in the shooting death of Jordan Davis. After five hours of deliberation, the jury deemed Dunn guilty of first-degree murder for shooting the teen in November 2012 for playing loud music in an SUV where he was a passenger while parked in front of a Jacksonville convenience […]

Michael Dunn, George Zimmerman trials give dangerous signals for black men

It is open season on young, black men in America. At least that’s how millions of blacks at home, along with several black legal analysts on CNN, felt after yet another grown white man avoids being convicted of murder for the cold-blooded killing of yet another unarmed black teen male. But the real question is […]

Michael Dunn trial: Jurors reach verdict on 4 of 5 charges

Jurors have decided on on four of the five charges against Michael Dunn in the “loud music” murder trial in Jacksonville, Fla., but cannot all agree on the most important charge — first-degree murder — in the shooting death of teen Jordan Davis in 2012. Law pundits have said that one or more of the […]

Michael Dunn lawyer says trial not about race, but ‘subculture thug issue’

Defense attorney Cory Strolla said his detestable and reviled client Michael Dunn, tried for the November 2012 shooting death of Jordan Davis in Jacksonville, Fla, was “overcharged” with first-degree murder due to escalated political pressure and heightened media attention from last year’s George Zimmerman trial after shooting and killing another black teen, Trayvon Martin. “I […]

Man snaps infant’s neck because he wouldn’t stop crying during football game

A man is now in custody and charged with the first-degree murder of his girlfriend’s infant child after he attacked the boy when he wouldn’t stop crying during the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State football game last month. Neighbor Jimmy Shannon told the media that Tre’viance Markese Walker, his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s baby were living with Walker’s […]

Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend indicted in Odin Lloyd murder case

Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins, has been indicted on a perjury charge in connection with the killing of Odin Lloyd.  She joins three others who are also facing charges in the case including Hernandez’s cousin, Tanya Singleton. Singleton was indicted on a charge of conspiracy to commit accessory after the fact and two Hernandez associates, […]

Prosecutors say Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee hid evidence for him

Oftentimes, the individuals who aid and abet in the commission of a crime are charged and convicted for similar or identical sentences. Case in point: Is the girlfriend of accused murderer Aaron Hernandez, formerly of the New England Patriots NFL football team. His fiancée and baby mama, Shayanna Jenkins is accused of helping to hide […]

Why Aaron Hernandez killed Odin Lloyd

Police have pieced together a theory as to why they believe former New England Patriots superstar tight end Aaron Hernandez killed his so-called friend Odin Lloyd. They believe that Lloyd knew secrets that could destroy Aaron’s relationship with his fiancée and the team. New England law enforcement officials said there are several operating theories, but a prevailing one […]

Aaron Hernandez’s alleged murder victim’s sister speaks out (video)

Lost in the haze of the shocking revelations of Aaron Hernandez, the superstar football player who allegedly committed ruthless, unconscionable execution-style murder of his so-called friend — and quite possibly two more, at least — is the family of the murdered victim of Odin Lloyd. The 27-year-old Connecticut semi-pro football player’s sister finally speaks out […]

Who is Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins? (photos)

The fiancee and baby’s mama of alleged killer Aaron Hernandez, Shayanna Jenkins, has been put into the most difficult and damning of positions this past week. She witnessed her boyfriend, a former NFL superstar for the New England Patriots, being arrested for the execution-style murder of former friend Odin Lloyd and indicted for first-degree homicide […]

Jodi Arias and the worst female murderers and serial killers

The multitude outside the courtroom in Phoenix exploded in cheers when the jury came back with “guilty” verdict in the capital murder case of Jodi Arias. Arias was convicted of an extremely heinous killing of boyfriend, Travis Alexander, by shooting him in the forehead, stabbing him 30 times and slicing his throat from ear to […]

Dr. Kermit Gosnell: Abortion clinic ignored ‘screeching’ fetus

Ashley Baldwin, 22, has disturbing memories of “regular babies” being murdered at the Women’s Medical Society clinic in Philadelphia. Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 72, performed late-term abortions at the clinic and Baldwin, who started interning at the clinic at the age of 15 , witnessed the deaths of fetuses that could possibly have survived outside the […]

White teens have 3-way sex on top of dead bodies of 2 black men from Illinois

Terrance O. Rankins and Eric Glover, both age 22, accepted an invitation to a party given by some disturbed individuals. The party turned out to be their death sentences. Friends for five years, Rankins and Glover were set up to be robbed of their cash and were murdered by manual strangulation; no rope or cord […]

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