Food that boosts the immune system and help prevent flu

Certain foods are known to help keep the immune system boosted enough to fight off germs that may invade the body. Vitamin C and other vital nutrients in these foods will help you stay healthy all year long. Click here to see which foods are best at keeping your immune system healthy to fight off […]

Flu outbreak 2013: Louis Vuitton-inspired, designer face masks

Designer face masks: Style options in survival gear We’ve been covering the flu outbreak in China. Nine people have died. The deaths are due to a rare strain of bird flu. The fashion department  took this concern and decided to extend stylish options in protection. Deaths are nothing to take lightly and designers and graphic […]

Flu outbreak 2013: China bird flu outbreak

Nine people have died from a rare strain of bird flu in China, as health officials investigate possible cases of transmission between family members. The latest fatalities occurred in Anhui and Jiangsu provinces — both in eastern China — and brought the total number of deaths from H7N9 avian influenza to nine, from 28 reported cases, […]

Influenza flu virus outbreak 2013: 10 best foods to eat once you contract the flu

In a previous installment of rolling out’s comprehensive coverage of the “Influenza Flu Virus Outbreak 2013,” we discussed multiple foods that you can eat to help stave off the flu. However, if you do contract the flu and are suffering from the various symptoms, there are also foods that contain powerful properties to limit the […]

Influenza flu virus outbreak 2013: 10 best immune system booster foods

Believe it or not, medicinal cocktails and prescription pills are not the only items that can go to war against the body-blowing influenza (flu) virus. According to, Prevention magazine and, there are multiple foods that can not only lessen the pounding that the flu can inflict on the body, certain foods do one […]

Influenza Flu outbreak 2013: 10 groups of people at greatest risk

As the country continues to bunker in against the worst onslaught of the the influenza (flu) virus in more than 10 years, there are several types of people who are particularly susceptible to infection from this virulent virus and should take special care to take precautions. We list those demographic subsets here with the aid […]

Flu Outbreak 2013: A different virus potentially deadly for infants

As if this season’s particularly pernicious flu outbreak wasn’t enough for Americans, especially parents, to worry about, there are reports of another illness that can be dangerous — and sometimes even deadly — especially for infants: respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). While everyone has a very familiar if uncomfortable relationship with the flu, many have never […]

Flu outbreak 2013: 4 other viruses to beware of

First completely antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea cases detected in North America. Most sexually transmitted infections that occur in America, occur in terms of rate and proportion among minority populations, in particular African American populations. Whether it is chlamydia, which among African Americans has increased by 17.6 percent over the past several years or HIV, African Americans historically […]

Flu outbreak 2013: Smoothies to help fight the flu

While the flu may not be curable with medicine,  washing your hands frequently is the best way to fight the flu.  Having a strong immune system plays a major role in fighting off the bug as well.  According to Atlanta-based Rawesome Juicery’s owner and founder, Chantel Jiroch, “Adequate amounts of the right foods can boost your […]

Flu outbreak 2013: Best websites for influenza info

With the nastiest strain of influenza (the flu) bombarding the United States in more than a decade, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), citizens are clamoring for information about how bad this virus is, how lethal it is, what steps to take to protect themselves, the ways to fight once they […]

6 ways to avoid flu virus at home

If the flu outbreak of 2013 has taught us anything, you need to be prepared in case you catch the flu or a member of your family becomes infected with influenza. implores the public to stockpile on tissues, hand soap, hand sanitizer, and paper towels. Consider picking up a few distractions in case your […]

Flu outbreak 2013: 5 ways to fight the virus

As we continue to be besieged by the greatest influenza outbreak in a decade, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are ways that we can arm ourselves against the virulent virus that has caused hundreds of deaths already, mostly young children and senior citizens. Here are five ways to fight the […]

Flu outbreak 2013: States with the most deaths from influenza

The country is on high alert. Multiple states and jurisdictions have declared a state of emergency or report a “severe” outbreak of the influenza virus, better known as the flu. Health officials have detailed an exponentially high number of emergency room visits, hospitalizations and deaths from this particular strain of the flu bug in 2013 […]

Flu outbreak 2013: What the virus looks like

The worst flu outbreak in at least a decade has crashed ashore and has wreaked havoc on the American populace. The flu outbreak of 2013, or influenza as is known in medical circles, is so virulent that this particular strain has tragically caused hundreds of deaths of minors and senior citizens. But what does the […]

Flu outbreak 2013: 15 surprising places the virus hides

It may come as a shock to millions of people the unexpected places where the flu virus and other harmful bacteria can hide and thrive and ultimately infect people. Know this for sure: There have been studies conducted by the University of Arizona and the University of Michigan that prove there are things that most […]

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